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Rihanna Steps in to Provide $5 Million to Boost Coronavirus Related Efforts

Well-known celebrities are contributing to relief funds from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Rihanna has also joined the group with her Clara Lionel Foundation, by which she promises $5 million to assist in different aspects of this continuous issue.

For the sick and hungry

The singer and songwriter has pledged to invest money in food banks as well as towards finding a cure for the virus. The $5 million will go to the doctors and other paramedical staff that need to protect themselves from getting struck by the illness while fighting it.

Rihanna shared her views and said that her goal is to spend money equitably towards the research for finding a vaccine for the virus and meet the demands of the food banks in the United States.

The goal 

Clara Lionel Foundation, which was founded back in 2012 by Rihanna to provide financial assistance to diverse organizations and movements all over the world, is now working for the wellbeing of people of the United States.

The executive director Justin Lucas summed up the efforts of his organization. He said that it was never more relevant and compelling to assure and arrange for the underserved and marginalized communities because these will be the ones who will be hit hardest by this outbreak.

A boost in fundraising efforts

WUHAN, CHINA – FEBRUARY 04 2020: CDC workers check the information during collecting biomaterial from suspected 2019-nCoV patients for nucleic acid tests in a hotel for isolated people in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei province Tuesday, Feb. 04, 2020.- PHOTOGRAPH BY Feature China / Barcroft Media (Photo credit should read Feature China/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The Clara Lionel Foundation, to meet their goals in providing relief to people, has amped up their fundraising efforts. As mentioned on the institution’s official website, the foundation funds and supports the educational endeavors and also provides assistance to emergency relief programs around the world.

CLF and Twitter join hands together

On April 9th, CLF, along with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, joined hands in provide funding against the recent surge in domestic violence in Los Angeles. The duo has reportedly combined $4.2 million to provide food and shelter for the victims of domestic violence for ten weeks. The package will consist of accommodation, meals and will provide counseling services for the victims and their children.

According to reports, around 10 million people residing in the United States experience the issue at the hands of their partner. The L.A housing authority gathered the data and concluded that every week many individuals, along with their children, are being deterred from at-capacity domestic violence shelters as the incidents of domestic violence are on the rise because of the stay-at-home orders issued by the Government.


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