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What The Future Thousand Years Could Do To Humanity

Do you know who Paul Amadeus Dienach was? He was a Swiss-Austrian teacher who was in a coma for a whole year back in 1921. Well, yes, there are other such cases, but this one is really surprising. During his time spent in a coma, his mind traveled into the future and entered the body of a man who lived (that is, a man who will live) in the years after 3000 AD. The most interesting thing is that, when he woke up, he remembered everything he saw on this ‘travel’ and wrote a diary which is today called Chronicles From The Future: The Amazing Story of Paul Amadeus Dienach

Here are some of the things he saw in the next millennia.

Between 21st and 39th century


Paul Amadeus Dienach said that the people of the future, whom ‘he met’ on his strange journey, fully understood his medical situation. It will be called “conscious slide” in the future, and it will be nothing unusual.

People from the future told Dienach everything he wanted to know about the events which will take place between the 21st and 39th century. The only thing they didn’t want to tell him are the facts about the century he could make an influence on and that was the 20th century since they knew his consciousness would return to his original body and might change his era. They considered it to be a dangerous thing to do since he could disturb or alter the path of history and his own life, so he found out nothing about the 20th century.

From 2000 to 2300 AD

After the year 2000, our humanity will be still struggling with overpopulation, ecological problems with the environment, economic issues, wrong monetary system, lack of healthy food, and many minor interstate wars. People will be still living to fulfill their basic needs with no time to look for their inner self and spiritual development. Well, he was told this back in the year 1921 AD, and we today know it is the truth, right?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt 

In 2204 AD

This year will mean the end of the first large colonization of the planet Mars. About 20 million people will settle there to continue their lives away from the planet Earth. But, only 61 years later, in the year 2265 AD, there will be an enormous natural catastrophe on Mars which will kill them all (20 million people!). After this disaster, no human will ever again go to Mars in search for better life conditions.

Yes, we will not live long enough to witness this, but our children may. You may warn them now not to go there!

In 2309 AD

The great global war will happen in 2309 AD, which will come as the result of many accumulated and ignored international problems.  After this war, nothing will be the same anymore. A great part of the civilization will suffer from the destruction which will include an almost extinction of some races.

In 2396 AD 

This is the year in which a Global Parliament on Earth of the Global Union of Nations (States) will be established. But this Global Parliament as you might assume, will not be made from politicians or businesspeople, but from scientists, technologist, and other humanitarian figures. The Parliament itself will be elected through voting by the nations.

The money will be gone! Well, at least not used in the way we know it today. All the planetary resources will be redistributed and all the people will have enough food and other necessities to live normally.

Now, something which we have always been hoping for – all the climate, the nutrition, and the ecological problems will be solved!  Yet, the planet will not be overpopulated. Life in the years after 2396 AD will be easy, and all the people will work less.

This will be the new beginning and the years will start counting again from the number 1 (the year 2396 will be the year No. 1.

On the other hand, this Global Government will be a form of totalitarianism, and national governments will start opposing it directly or indirectly in the centuries to come. New trouble, perhaps?

In 3382 AD

In 3382 AD, a strange mutation will happen in the human brain. People will get a remarkable phenomenon referred to as hyper-vision or hyper-intuition. One after the other, man and women on Earth will acquire this new spiritual ability which will be an extremely powerful way of reaching ‘the great Spiritual Light’ and enable them to get ‘the Direct Knowledge.’

Between 3400 and 4000 AD

PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek/Shutterstock

This period can be referred to as the new ‘Golden Age’ since the previous century was a kind of ‘dark age.’  There will be ‘the Universal Creators’ (instead of the Global Parliament) who will combine the qualities and abilities of philosophers, artists, scientists, mystics, and all the other ‘quality people’ on Earth. Now, everything will be free – clothes, houses, food, transportation, EVERYTHING! There will be no private property, and the only things which will matter to people are honor and a good reputation. Hurrah, finally!

The technology and material standards of living will be unimportant, and people will care only about their emotional, mental and spiritual development. Self-improvement will be highly valued. One more thing is interesting here — in their whole life, people will work only two years! That will be between the age of 17 and 19. Can you even imagine this?

At this period in the Earth’s history, the population of people will be less than a billion. This is probably why there will be an abundance of products for a decent living for everyone. Also, there will be very few laws in the society since there are no criminal intentions of individuals in this society (What for when they are all smart and have everything they need to be happy?). Actually, there will be only three kinds of laws:

  • Those related to the 2-year working period.
  • Those that arrange how traveling traffic and distribution of goods is done.
  • Those that deal with the demographic stability of the population size, i.e. the general birth control.

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