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Why Barron Hilton Didn’t Leave a Single Penny to Granddaughter Paris Hilton

The New York-born heiress Paris Hilton didn’t get any inheritance from her grandfather Barron Hilton. This fulfills Barron’s promise of not leaving even a single penny for her granddaughter after Paris’ embarrassing antics.

Barron Hilton reportedly didn’t leave his granddaughter, Paris, a single penny as an inheritance

Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain Conrad Hilton, and the granddaughter of Barron Hilton. Paris is a model, actress, socialite and entrepreneur who earned her fortune through lucrative endorsements and a licensing empire that sells Paris-branded handbags, clothing, and perfumes.

The heiress has endorsed 17 fragrances that are particularly famous overseas and have generated more than $2 billion in gross revenue. She is estimated to claim 20-30% in royalties for those fragrances. 

In 2003, Paris rose to infamy globally after a controversial issue that she and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon were involved with. That, along with numerous troubles with the law, reality shows, and other shocking moments caught on TV, made her grandfather Barron feel that she embarrassed him and tainted the family name.

Paris is a known socialite, businesswoman, and reality star

The second son of Conrad Hilton, Barron replaced the founder of the hotel empire as president of Hilton Hotels in 1966. Fast forward a few decades later, the president of the first international hotel chain was horrified after learning of his granddaughter’s antics and felt disconcerted of her actions. He was supposed to leave his $4.5 billion fortune to his family. But in Christmas of 2007, he told them that he was making major adjustments to his will. His reason? Paris embarrassing the family name.

Instead of leaving the entirety of his $4.5 billion fortune, he decided to leave 97% of it to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and split the remaining 3% ($135 million) equally between 24 family members. Each member was originally set to inherit $181 million each. But after the changes Barron Hilton made to his will, each family member would receive $5.6 million instead; a staggering $175 million difference from the original.

The late Barron became president of the Hilton Hotels after his father

Barron died last year and had stuck to his will to leave the bulk of his fortune to their foundation, which his father founded in 1944. The foundation’s efforts are directed to treating children with AIDS and HIV, poverty alleviation, shelters for the homeless, and disaster relief and recovery. Barron is one of the top philanthropists in 2019 with $2.4 billion donated to charity, and he still has another $2 billion to donate this year. 

On the other hand, it was rumored that Paris did not receive a single penny from her grandfathera strong reminder from beyond the grave. However, with Paris’ $300 million net worth, the 39-year-old socialite-model is not in total distress.

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