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Benefits of Spontaneously Traveling to a New Place

Mental Benefits

Experts believe that going on vacations is beneficial to the human brain. According to them, the mind derives a lot of benefits from staying in a particular place for a short period of time. That is so because during the period, one gets to learn new and diverse activities which are often mind opening.

To get more from life experiences, it is advised that one keeps the mind open to experiencing other cultures and also get involved when the opportunity to do so presents itself. Being open to these new experiences is a great medium through which one can learn other languages and also work on adaptability to an alternative lifestyle.

Most times, tourists prefer to plan a couple of months ahead using tools such as travel guidebooks and Google maps. The process of planning for a trip can consume time and efforts. Even at that, the trip sometimes ends up not going as planned regardless of the detailed planning involved.

There are therefore times when travelling to a new place without making any such plan might provide a good experience. Embarking on trips to such destination provides you with exciting possibilities that you probably didn’t know prior to the trip and for which you need to get to the destination to discover yourself. Spontaneity is one habit which we need to open up to at some point in our lives.

Planning ahead might restrict how much we get to enjoy our trip, but spontaneity leaves us to have great experiences in any new destination. It also opens us up to learning different new things including language, culture and lifestyle.


Learning About Different Cultures

There are different points that have been highlighted as the benefits of travelling without working with a ready-made plan. Planning a trip can be quite overwhelming and restrictive of the tourist’s free spirit.

However, if you choose to travel to a destination you haven’t been before without putting any plan in place, that helps you discover your personality’s perfect balance. It gives you the opportunity to stretch further from your accustomed comfort zone. It also helps you to enjoy those new experiences.


Further, it enables you to see for yourself new things that a lot of tour guides would probably forget to tell you. The omission most times may be because they personally do not find those things exciting.

As a new visitor to a destination, aimless wandering may appear terrifying and even difficult when you first start out. However, the experience that comes with discovering places and things unplanned for and which you wouldn’t have discovered if not for your spontaneous move usually outweighs any fear.

Understanding New Lifestyles

Conversing with strangers when you are in a new and unfamiliar location isn’t always as terrible as it is generally portrayed. The number of things that could go wrong are reduced particularly when you are an adult. Although you need to exercise care, it is important to know that talking to a stranger can also be a good way of getting pleasantly surprised.

It is one of the best means through which you can get to appreciate and understand the culture of those who reside in your new destination. You can use different conversation openers such as requesting them to take your picture which can lead to having a robust conversation with them. Most times, the stranger ends up making recommendations of local eateries and cafes you should try out and those places are usually not included in any guidebook.


Self Discovery

You can also use your visit to a totally new destination to discover yourself. If you make any mistakes at that particular destination, you can convert that as a resource to think up ways that are more efficient when preparing for latter tours. It will help you know how to make your subsequent spontaneous trips work out.


Getting a lot of stories to share is perhaps the best part for people who go on unplanned trips. It gives them a lot of stories to share with others about the different places they visited.

When compared with planned tours, unplanned ones usually open one up to more exciting experiences and gives more exciting tales to tell. Ultimately, going on an unplanned tour is a pleasant way to surprise yourself.

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