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These are the Best Luxury Travel Destinations of 2018

There is no such a person who doesn’t like traveling. Everyone enjoys traveling as it presents an amazing way to discover new worlds and to be enchanted with them for a lifetime. If we add all the possibilities that technology provides us today, our wishes to see new places grow even more!

Here are some of the best luxury travel destinations of 2018, including nature, beauty, and accommodation

Swiss Alps (Switzerland)


If you enjoy winter idyll with mountains and plateaus, then this is surely a place for you. If you enjoy winter sports as well, here, you can ski or snowboard. Furthermore, Switzerland will provide you with everything you need when it comes to the luxurious lifestyle in terms of accommodation, nightlife, and dining with world-class spas, hotels, and chalets.



Although it is the second smallest country in the world, Monaco is on the top of the chart when it comes to luxury. It has amazing, splendid hotels, yachts, and cars. There are also many world-class fountains, enormous haute couture labels on the streets, and amazing people, too! For the beginning, you can stay in an amazing place such as private beach and even hire yourself a yacht to get wherever you want to!


This is one of the newest places when luxury life is considered. Singapore has attracted tourists from all over the world because of its luxurious features as many five-star accommodations. One major attraction is food, too, since it has amazing restaurants which offer many specialties.

Costa Smeralda (Italy)

This place is literally meaning “Emerald Coast.” It is a famous luxurious destination for many things – sailing, dining, golfing, and scuba diving. The coast is filled with celebrity people, luxury lovers who came to spend some amazing time in this place.


This heaven on Earth can’t be avoided when it comes to luxury travel. It offers so many perks. You may rent a villa on amazing turquoise water and even have a private dinner catered, and many other serves on amazing beaches only for you! You can ask for a massage to attend to you privately and just close your eyes! Maldives have many boutique hotels, spas, and resorts, so you have all the time in the world to choose what you want to do. It offers luxury at its best!

Dubai (UAE)

Dubai has become synonymous for shopping addicts who crave for luxury. Therefore, if you want to shop, experience outstanding Arabian hospitality, or even live underwater, this is a place for you. You can also ski, visit artificial islands, visit famous seven-star resorts, world’s biggest malls, Michelin-rated restaurants, and many other things. You can do whatever you imagine because Dubai has it all!

Paris (France)


In the recent years, Paris has become a favorite destination for many travelers. It has had an amazing history and a huge role in forming of Europe, as well as the New World. It also has a reputation of a city of romance, so it can be an ideal traveling destination if you are traveling with your partner. Paris has also become one of the world’s most luxurious tourist destinations. For instance, some historical places have been converted to hotels, and one hotel of this kind charges about $25,000 for only one night with them.


Fiji Islands

There are 332 islands in Fiji. It is an amazing travel destination in the South Pacific and is one of the most exclusive ones. The main islands offer very cheap accommodation, but if you want to rent an island on your own, do snorkeling, diving and hiking, after which you can relax in the Jacuzzi or shower, you will have to give more than $600 per night depending on your wishes and needs.

New York (USA)

As one of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide, it is the heart of many USA industries and has also traditionally attracted business and artists. New York is also famous as a city that never sleeps, offering so much to the people who visit it. Hotel rates start at $730 per night for a luxury hotel, and New York isn’t a place for a budget traveler. For example, a sundae and a steak will cost you the same as a night in a hotel, so many people say that it actually represents America and American excess.

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