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Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Have Broken up: Is Lady Gaga to Blame?

All good things must come to an end even when it feels like it’s going to last forever. Case in point: model Irina Shayk and “Hangover” star Bradley Cooper’s four-year relationship. As per reports, they closed the final chapter of their love story, months after they were said to be undergoing a rough patch. Could anyone else see this coming?

The Breakup

The two share Lea De Seine, who was just born in March 2017. However, the parents are said to be working amicably to raise their daughter, although details about that remain scarce, which is kind of expected from them. The celebrities have managed to keep their private lives, well, private.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have always kept mum about their relationship

In one interview, Irina underlined the importance of being notoriously keeping their personal lives private, explaining that although she understands her friends who chose to disclose their relationships, she preferred to keep her life more private. However, it seems that their relationship couldn’t be saved by being tight-lipped.

Timeline of Their Relationship

Let’s look back into their ultra-discreet relationship: Irina and Bradley first sparked dating rumors in 2015 after being seen together on Broadway for “Finding Neverland,” although sources dismissed that it was just a friendly outing. Then this cordial activity was followed by more sightings in a couple of events, which made people all the more suspicious of their then budding romance.

A few months after, it looked like things were getting serious as Bradley met Irina’s mom and later on made a big move by moving in with the model. In March 2016, they smashed speculations that they broke up when they made a red carpet appearance at the L’Oreal Red Obsession party. Eight months after, the Russian stunner and her boyfriend were expecting their first child and by the next month, an emerald green sparkler ignited engagement rumors.

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The two began dating in 2015 after being spotted multiple times together

The following months were filled with family vacations and by August 2018, “A Star Is Born” premiered wherein Bradley brought along his loving wife and child. The film was a hit, to say the least, although as per reports, his relationship wasn’t in its best moment. Late last year and in January 2019, he and Irina seemed to debunk rumors by supporting each other in big events.

Come the Oscars where the movie Bradley directed and starred in was nominated, the celebratory mood was toppled by the brewing scandal after he and Lady Gaga, who also stars in the film, performed a chemistry-filled “Shallow.”

But all seemed to be well as the two ladies remained there’s no harm in that. By April, the 44-year-old was said to be spending his time with his family but just a month after, sources started claiming that their relationship hasn’t been going fine recently.

Lady Gaga’s Role

Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock
Lady Gaga was pushed into the picture because of her and Bradley’s performance at the Oscars

So, going back, a lot of people are wondering if Lady Gaga had a hand in this break-up. The pop star was thrown into the equation because of the film that was probably aggravated by her and Bradley’s Oscar performance that made fans ask if there was something going on between them.

But according to a source, you can leave out the “Pokerface” singer out of this because the split is not about her and that there wasn’t something romantic that happened between the two actors during the production for “A Star Is Born.”

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