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Cara and Poppy Delevingne’s Dream Sister House Hits the Market

Iconic model sisters Cara and Poppy Delevigne have been wowing the world with their beauty and talent ever since they were little girls. Having kickstarted their careers through modeling, the last couple of years have gifted the public with their skills in Hollywood. Films and TV shows like Carnival RowPaper TownsRiviera, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle only increased worldwide appreciation for the stars.

Spilling the Tea

Ushering the end of an era, the Delevigne sisters are all set to bid adieu to their “Dream Sister House” in LA. They had acquired the property under joint ownership from Cara’s co-star, Jared Leto, back in 2017. Back then, it set the two back just a bit over $2 million.

The Grosby Group | The back door opens to a pool

Cara revealed to Architectural Digest that it just made sense for them to get a house together since they would have to come back to the city for one reason or the other. Having primary residences in other states or countries, a common one for LA, was just what the sisters needed- especially realizing how lonely it can get there.

As the saying goes, you can fool the world but, not your sister. Just goes to show how strong their bond is.

Inside the Sprawling Mansion

Nestled under a canopy of foliage and vines sits the Hollywood Hills mansion that just hit the market for $3.75 million. In their four years of ownership, the duo made quite many whimsical changes to the property, owing to their wish of creating a “dream sister house”.

Built during the 1950s, the mansion boasts about 4,000 square feet worth living space divided between two floors. Once acquired, the sisters enlisted the help of LA-based Line Architecture designer, Nicolò Bini, who incorporated typhoons of clashing patterns, radiant colors, and articles from around the globe to liven up the stucco home. To give you a visual, a powder room boasts of a Mexican Talavera sink and toilet, coupled with palm-frond wallpaper. The dining room features a rattan monkey chandelier and is painted in deep emerald green.

MLS | The whimsical dining room

Other rooms throughout the home also feature whimsical highlights, such as a soundproof blind tiger-style party room connected to Cara’s bedroom, a guestroom with a queen-sized bamboo bunk bed, and a custom-built island-themed bar. If you want to see a true representation of both sisters’ personalities, just step into their bedroom- Cara’s looking like a moody bachelor pad, reminiscent of the Playboy Mansion, while Poppy’s provides a calming vibe, with de Gournay featured on the walls.

MLS | The perfect place to relax in

Bidding Adieu

Although the sisters put a lot of thought and effort into building their dream sister house- something they had wanted for a long time- it’s finally time to say goodbye. As Poppy puts it, it’s a miracle that they’re both still talking because what siblings get along that well? Luckily, before that day is anywhere near, the mansion will be within another family’s ownership.

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