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Should Celebrities Voice Their Political Opinions?

Oftentimes, you hear about celebrities weighing in on the political situation of their country. Whether it is well-received or not is a different question. Nonetheless, they are open to discussing, endorsing, or even condemning political decisions made by the ruling party. Kim Kardashian recently spoke out endorsing Rick Caruso. Kerry Washington also extended support for the democratic party, while Lin Manuel Miranda endorsed Raphael Warnock. 

Rosemary/Pexels | While you see all these celebrities voicing their opinions, does their opinion matter or not?

Right off the bat, this occurrence is not new; celebrities have been vocal about their political views long before it became mainstream. Now, with the privilege of being accessible to thousands of fans, they often shine on the topic of politics and voting. Just recently, stars like Katy Perry, Bebe Rexha, Halsey, and more have urged their fans to vote by either uploading a picture or making a tweet. Perry shared a selfie on Instagram where she stood before a voting machine to vote for Rick Caruso, the L.A. Mayoral candidate.

Rosemary/Pexels | In the caption, Perry spoke of the conditions of Los Angeles and called it a ‘hot mess.’

Taylor Swift’s Impact

The singer-songwriter has often spoken about her political leaning and has openly endorsed the Democrats. In 2018, Swift spoke in favor of Democratic nominee Phil Bredesen for the midterm elections for Tennessee’s seat in the Senate. Bredesen lost to senator Marsha Blackburn, but news outlets such as Guardian and CNN reported a surprising increase in the number of registered voters only a few days after Taylor Swift’s statement.

While this is all speculation, there is no doubt that T. Swift may have influenced the voters. Regarding celebrities and their political views, there are two sides to the story. Some people applaud celebrities for talking about what they are passionate about, and it is also freedom of speech. On the other hand, a group is not too fond of what celebrities have to say mainly because of their star power, ability to influence, and lack of political knowledge.

Some people believe that celebrities shouldn’t be put up on this high pedestal where their opinion is taken seriously because, after all, they are regular people with a career path that makes them famous and popular. Others see it as a good thing that celebrities can use their platform to share their views and even get their fans to rethink their political stance.

Wendy/Pexels | When an influential person says something, you do pay some mind to it

The Final Verdict

Now that you have two perspectives on this situation, where do you go from here? Well, the most important thing out of all this is knowing that you can make informed decisions. Whether someone is a celebrity or an average Joe, their opinion shouldn’t blindly sway you away! While everyone has the right to say what they want, you must thoroughly understand and comprehend the situation before you weigh in on anything.

Celebrities already live in a privileged bubble, and you shouldn’t see the world from their eyes.

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