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Celebrity Fitspiration: Chris Hemsworth Launches a Fitness App to Help You Be Healthy!

Wants to start your first quarter of 2019 right but you struggle of motivating yourself to live a healthy lifestyle? Worry no more as your favorite celebrity, Chris Hemsworth, is here to the rescue! This renowned Hollywood personality launches his new fitness app to inspire his fans to be healthy and fit.

A Complete Health and Fitness App

The 35-year old famous actor recently launches Centr, a health and fitness app that aims to connect its users to the best health and fitness experts around the world. Contrary to most diet plans where you need to conform in their guidelines, Hemsworth believes in different exercises and fitness plan to find the one that works for you best.

The app lets fitness experts and users connect to form the best health and business relationship.

It means the users and experts can communicate on the app to customize their meal plan and workout routine. It can be accessed online or through your mobile devices. The users will also have the freedom to engage in different exercises like boxing, HIIT, yoga, MMA exercises, strength training, etc. to keep their workouts fun, engaging, and entertaining.

The Features

Chris also does the same way, and he believes it’s the best formula to keep your body healthy and fit. According to him, you shouldn’t conform to any diet plan you’re not comfortable too. He assures everyone will have an effective customized diet plan since all of the classes in the app are individually designed and formulated by world-class experts.

Chris himself is a fan of surfing, Muay Thai, and yoga as part of his workout routine.

Renowned fitness trainers like Luke Zocchi will be available to all users, and you can also enroll in his class if you want. The best part of it? It’s not necessary for the users to go to the gym or meet with your instructor personally to perform these workouts. You can do it in the comforts of your home. Most of these exercises don’t even require equipment. The app will also upload new sets of workouts per week to challenge and motivate yourself.

The Development

Chris also reveals he’s not the only one who’s hands-on in developing this app. Elsa Pataky, his wife, also offered some insightful advice and suggestions throughout the app’s development to make sure it’s friendly and welcoming to the female audience too.

Feast in making and eating healthy foods as you access delectable recipes from the best chefs all over the world.

Aside from the workout routine, Centr also offers subscribers a comprehensive list of customized meal plans they can choose. It includes delicious and mouth-watering recipes from renowned chefs all over the world. Of course, this includes methods for people with a particular diet requirement like gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, as well as pescetarian options.

Relax and Meditate

Chris is aware that to be healthy, we need to take care not only of our physical aspect but also our mental health too. He believes our mind need to unwind from the constant stress and pressures it endures every day as we deal with our hectic work, personal appointments, and engagements.

So if you feel like you need some downtime and relax your mind, Centr also provides guided meditation, yoga, as well as visualization exercises for you to achieve relaxation and inner peace. You can spend your staycation time meditating by using the app’s meditation practices.

The Purpose

Chris believes we all have untapped potential to be healthy, fit, and live longer to enjoy the world’s beauty and grandeur. We only need to find the right support to unlock those potentials and accomplish our goals.

This purpose leads Chris to develop the app as he shared the reason during the press release. According to him, Centr realizes everyone’s dream to get the best healthcare in the palm of their hands to have a stronger mind, healthy and fitter body, and most of all, a happy life.


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