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How To Forgive A Cheating Husband

Marriage is not perfect. In marriage, there are constant challenges that can either make you or break you. One of the hardest is a betrayal by your husband. The discovery of his affair with somebody else can scar your life or break you. The paranoia after finding out about his affair is unimaginable. It fills you with unsolvable puzzles about the moments you thought everything was fine yet something was actually happening. You are also filled with the fear of the history repeating itself. How will you be holding him every day without imagining that someone else’s hands have intruded into what is rightfully yours? How could he betray you and your marriage? And yet here you are still in love with the bastard. You still want that chance with, him. Take the chance and risk another heartbreak because it is not only your marriage but also the love that is worth it.

“Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game but you’ll surely lose the person for a lifetime.” Shakespeare  

Here are some of the ways to help you forgive your cheating husband:


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You may have the tendency blame yourself about what happened. It is possible that you may have contributed to that. One of the things that inevitably gets in your head is that something is wrong with you, that you lack something and he went after looking for it from somebody else. 

The decision to betray your marriage was solely his. You cannot take the blame for his action. After all, he made that choice every step of the way. Whatever it is, before you decide to forgive others, forgive yourself.



One of the possible reasons for his infidelity might be that both of you have stopped opening yourselves toward each other. There may be piles of things that you have kept away from one another. These may have grown bigger, forcing your husband to seek comfort elsewhere.  Learn to open the doors again and do your best to tell each other the things need to be discussed. The moment you took vows was the moment you agreed to walk beside him all your life.


Just like how you started your relationship, start again. The things you have kept from each other might be an indication that one or both of you have changed. Along the journey, each of you took steps that made you strangers. Get to know each other as new people after the crack. This person does not only mean him but yourself as well. Figure out how the new person will deal with the chance to make up and fix the marriage.



They say that love is sweeter the second time around. Appreciate his efforts in trying to rebuild the romance. He may try the flowers, chocolates, and dates you had before he lost his way. Show appreciation for this. This does not mean that you let him do all the work or you give him a hard time. You need to make an effort too. You are in a marriage, which means you walk together beside each other. Cook for him if you like. Be the wife he would never want to lose.


The road to looking at his eyes and not see the eyes of the person that once broke your heart is one one rough road.  Work hard to make your bond stronger. Do something Go somewhere and make new memories together.


The point of these tips on how to forgive your husband is to avoid going through the same mistakes that both you and your husband have made. You cannot try to forgive him today and blame him later because he made a mistake. You have decided to give him another chance.  Therefore, resist the urge to remind him how he messed.  Move past the mistake and accept the fact that marriage is not a fairytale.

The mistakes both of you made in the past should stay in the past. You should learn from them. You know where you stumbled. Therefore, you can’t trip over the same stone that once caught you off guard.


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