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Chrissy Teigen Unintentionally Revealed The Gender Of Her Third Baby With John Legend

Knowing that you’ll have a baby soon is the best news you may receive in your life. And while some parents these days opt not to know the baby’s gender, for some, finding out is like unwrapping a present! People all across the world celebrate “gender reveal” parties where they announce to their family and friends whether they’re going to have a boy or a girl.

But what do you do when you accidentally let it slip during a casual chat. It’s almost like bursting the balloon before the party, right? And when you’re someone popular who has the eyes of the whole world glued your growing baby bump, an accidental slip of the baby’s gender is like breaking the news without any fuss.

Something like this happened with Chrissy Teigen who is expecting her third child with husband and legendary singer, John Legend. How it actually happened is rather amusing, so, do stick around to find out.


Time Magazine | Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their third child

Chrissy Teigen’s accidental baby gender slip-of-tongue!

The news of Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy, which came to light last month, surprised her as well as John Legend’s fans. While the world was still going aww over the power’s couple strong relationship, Teigen dropped the bomb over an Instagram video that they were having a boy! All that she was really supposed to share in the video was the news of her pregnancy and her feelings on coping with the current situation. Well, we’re sure more than surprising her fans she surprised herself by the “accidental gender reveal!”

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At the start of the video, Teigen began talking about her health problems during the birth of her two former children, Luna and Miles. But while talking about pregnancy, as she moved on to discuss about the baby being in good health, she suddenly referred to the unborn child as a “He”. Almost instantly she realized her slip-of-tongue and stopped talking. She then put her hand on her mouth and gave away a slight smile. Awwww!


Vanity Fair | Though she didn’t mean to, Chrissy revealed the gender of their unborn child over an Instagram video

But living up to the sweet and fun-loving person that she is, in her very next video she made lots of jokes about herself and the slip-up and then continued talking about her and her baby’s health and the expected medical procedures.

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And this is how her fans reacted…

As for the reaction of her fans, they were so happy that one of them wrote “Best Gender Reveal Ever!!” Come to think of it, it actually was the sweetest way the celeb could have done it, don’t you think? Teigen posted the clip on Instagram and Twitter, and the video went viral soon after. She also thanked her fans for their wonderful and cheerful reaction.


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