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Comedian Kevin Hart Finally Scores a Win After an Otherwise Challenging Year In His Life

Kevin Hart has definitely found great success in his career as a comedian and actor. However, recent years have been quite tumultuous for the 40-year-old entertainer. Fortunately, things seem to be starting to look up for Hart as he scores a win in a lawsuit against his former business partners.

Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit

The company is a gaming studio that seeks to connect brands with market-leading games on mobile platforms

According to a report from The Blast, a judge has decided in favor of the comedian in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Hart faced against a company called Stand Up Digital. The latter sued the star after allegedly ‘messing up’ their phone app when Hart revealed that he was having an affair while married to his wife Eniko Parrish.

These allegations were, later on, denied by the comic and requested that the $7.2 million case against him be dismissed.

In the end, the judge presiding over the legal battle reportedly determined that the comedian didn’t gain anything when he made his affair public knowledge. What more, it was decided that it was his own reputation, which took a hit because of the revelation.

There’s also the fact that the judge didn’t find enough reason to believe that Hart was obligated to tell the aforementioned private information to his business partners. The victory also means that the comedian would avoid going to a jury trial.

Bad Year

The couple remains together and has now welcomed a son, Kenzo

This is certainly fantastic news for Hart and his family, who are still dealing with the aftermath of an accident that left him with extensive back injuries. The car crash happened in September of this year and also involved celebrity trainer Rebecca Broxterman and her fiance.

All of them survived the accident. Speaking with a news outlet some months after the serious incident, Hart shared that he still has a lot of recovering to do but he feels great and feels ‘blessed to be alive’.

Meanwhile, he’s also facing a larger lawsuit worth $60 million filed against him by the woman who was with him in a compromising video. According to her, Hart played a bigger role in the scandal, which was brought to light while his wife was pregnant with their first child.

On to the Next Project

Hart’s new series was made in partnership with his own company, HartBeat Productions

Despite these hiccups, the ‘Night School’ star seems determined to continue working. He will be releasing an autobiographical docuseries with the streaming giant Netflix soon. The series will be a six-parter and would chronicle the many struggles that he’s faced in the last year.

Viewers can expect to see interviews from the actor’s friends and families as well as personal anecdotes and archived footage. Before this, he’s already starred in two Netflix comedy specials in 2019 alone.

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