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The Crucial Reason Anne Hathaway is Not Going to Drink Anymore, and Why You Should Too!

One of the most popular recreational activities is drinking, even though it is not the healthiest of choices. However, alcoholic beverages are a key part of most adult social gatherings and events, while many also prefer to have it in the comfort of their own home.

Although Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has not been known for refusing to consume alcohol, she is now revisiting her choices and putting a pause on it, for now.

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Anne Hathaway became internationally famous for her role in The Princess Diaries.

It’s understandable why Hathaway is making such a life-altering decision. After all, she now has a son who is three years old and also has another child coming into this world in the near future.

Drinking during pregnancy is highly discouraged as it can cause deformities in the unborn child, and so Anne’s choice makes sense. However, the actress has revealed that her choice to not consume alcohol predated her current pregnancy, and now all of us are wondering why.

Quitting Drinking

While making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Anne revealed she had stopped drinking in October of last year to set a good example for her children. According to her, she does not plan on drinking for as long as her son is living with her, which means a good 18 years since that is when he could reasonably be expected to move out of his parents’ house.

Anne also revealed that her drinking habits disallowed her from being completely present to take care of her son’s needs, such as taking him to school in the morning.

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We saw a very candid side of Anne Hathaway when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

There are obviously a lot of benefits to curbing or completely eliminating the consumption of alcohol from your lifestyle.

Many people, who usually stop consuming alcohol for a short period of time either due to reasons such as restrictions posed by medications, therapy, or certain diet plans, or because they are practicing Dry January (which is basically a month-long exercise whereby people don’t consume alcohol the entire month), have testified that they felt healthier after ditching the substance.

Many Benefits

According to experts, there are many health benefits that come from the lack of alcohol in your system. Studies have shown that people who stop their intake of alcohol find themselves having a better sleep cycle, improvement in their overall hydration, reduced headaches caused by hangovers, to name a few.

Also, experts have also opined that such a restriction can also improve your mental stability as you train your mind to depend on healthier coping mechanisms to deal with everyday stress.

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Anne now has children to take care of, and hence she has said goodbye to her drinking days, at least for a few years.

A starting point to stopping the consumption of alcohol is to evaluate why you drink it in the first place, according to Dr. David Streem, a professional working at Cleveland Clinic in their Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center.

He said that the reasons would most probably be a feeling of low energy or sudden changes in mood. Dr. Streem recommends logging your feelings both before and after consumption and then comparing notes. This would enable you to realize that you don’t feel better after drinking, and with that, according to him, you would realize the futility of the whole exercise and eventually stop consuming it.

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