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David and Victoria Beckham on Their Way to Becoming Billionaires

One would think that David Beckham, the globally-celebrated football player, would now be enjoying the millions he made while he was still playing the sport before his retirement. And, although that is partially true, Beckham has not stopped working.

Joe Seer/Shutterstock
David Beckham is certainly one of the most followed footballers even after all these years post-retirement

As soon as he hung up the cape of being England’s top footballer, Beckham decided to make more money with brand endorsements and deals which cashed in on the celebrity name he had made for himself.

Obviously, he was supported by the love of his life, the gorgeous Spice Girls’ singer Victoria Beckham, who has also been very busy developing an income stream through her celebrity status even after the Spice Girls had become relatively inactive as musicians. Together, the pair has been busy consolidating their wealth and making a fortune for themselves.

The Makings of a Grand Fortune

Back in 2014, we came to know that David Beckham had established a company by the name of Beckham Brand Holdings, together with his wife and the American Idol creator, the legendary Simon Fuller, and also some other smaller investors.

As the name implies, BBH is the parent company that owns a few brands which this group of investors owns, such as Inter Miami CF, a team which is part of the expansion MLS which is slated to play in the year 2020.

Now, it seems like Beckham has developed more confidence in the performance of his brands, and as a move to have greater control and ownership of BBH, he has reportedly purchased a third of the company for a whopping $50 million. This means that the company itself has been valued at a staggering $150 million, and we bet this number is only expected to grow in the near future.

Apparently, it was Fuller’s share in the company that Beckham bought, and this effectively makes Beckham, together with the stake owned by his wife Victoria, the controlling partner in the company.

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Beckham continued delivering exceptional performances even during his time playing for LA Galaxy

Beckham and the MLS

Beckham had started playing in the MLS back in 2007 when he joined the team called Los Angeles Galaxy. This was also when he purchased the expansion team that has become part of Beckham Brand Holdings, only for a small price tag of just $25 million. After working with the MLS for a total of five years’ time, Beckham earned a total of $50 million as well.

As a company, BBH is very considered to be quite profitable. The company reported an impressive revenue figure of $72.4 million back in 2017, which translated to a profit of $16 million after deducting all the necessary expenditure. This revenue came from all ten of the company’s brands, including but not limited to Miami Beckham United LLC, Beckham Brand Limited, and also businesses associated with the Victoria Beckham fashion lines.

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The Beckhams are very close to crossing the $1 billion benchmark with their combined net worth

The last we saw Beckham play a football match was back in 2013, however, he continues to make the news for his epic business deals, which almost always involve his wife. Both David and Victoria Beckham are now estimated to be worth a total fortune of $900 million.

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