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These Are The Design Secrets Behind Creating a Home Office That’ll Actually Help You Get Things Done

Working from the comfort of one’s home is an opportunity that not everybody has. But although many people dream of having this kind of work setup, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows for those who actually do.

Being at home comes with a lot of distractions that might impede persons from actually accomplishing their to-do list. This is where a well-designed home office or workspace becomes a necessity. Here are some practical tips, straight from interior designer Tobi Fairley, to help people who work from home create a space that induces productivity.

A Space That Draws A Person In

Home Office/Shutterstock
One can also change the layout and decor of their desk according to their particular liking

The first advice that Fairley have for creating a workspace is to make sure that their office is ‘magnetic’. This means using a variety of design elements that draw a person in to sit down and get to work. Some things people can decorate their desks with are some fresh flowers, a comfortable chair or attractive office supplies. Basically, anything that’ll make an individual stay put and not be tempted to sit on the couch.

Color & Productivity

According to color psychology, colors actually play a role when it comes to productivity. For a home office, people are advised to use ones that won’t make one feel lethargic or too agitated. Blues and yellows hit the perfect spot to achieve a space that makes one feel energized and refreshed.

Proper Lighting

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock
Positioning your work desk near a window is a great way to utilize daylight

Another factor that affects a person’s mood is lighting. For example, fluorescent lights tend to be draining and can even seemingly distort colors. The ideal kind of lighting for a home office is natural sunlight. When this isn’t possible though, one can install bulbs that will simulate natural light. Having layered lighting is also recommended. This means having lamps, which tend to have a softer glow that’ll make a person feel happier.

The Perfect Temperature

Aside from color and lighting, the temperature in a room is one more factor that affects an individual’s productivity. Extremes, a room being too hard and too cold, might make one too uncomfortable to fully focus on the tasks at hand.

A nice middle people should try is 69 degrees. Keeping a blanket nearby to keep warm when one gets too cold is also a good idea. Meanwhile, a fan will make hot summers more bearable. These said it’s also logical to keep anything one may need while working nearby to avoid constantly getting up.

The Idea Incubator

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock
This space can be something as simple as a comfortable chair.

Lastly, imagine a space in the home where one can think distraction-free to come up with ideas. It doesn’t matter where the space will be as long as a person goes or sits there for the purpose of thinking or asking for creativity to strike.

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