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Discover the Most Awe-Inspiring Places to Retire

Whether you like it or not, you are bound to retire from your field of endeavor at some time. You won’t be young forever. You grow old every day, and your energy and productivity start to decline. Therefore, while you are young, work hard and save for the future to you have enough funds when you retire. 

Speaking of retirement, it is a life-changing experience. You will have all the time to yourself, so you can do what you want and visit any place as long as you can afford to. But what are the ideal places to visit when you retire? Read on. 

 Crete, Greece

This is a beautiful island to explore that also has affordable goods and services. It seems that Europe has its own fair share of breathtaking yet affordable places to live and retire in! Yeah, we’re talking about Crete is an island that has plenty of sunshine, beaches, and hospitality. It is a highly recommended option for retirees.

  • Cost of living: $1,090
  • Main language: Greek
  • Population: 623,065 (2010 stats)
  • Healthcare services: Free medical care and hospital care in public hospitals if you are covered by IKA National Insurance.
  • Entertainment: Hiking, Cave tours, water activities, and festivals in summer.

This island essentially has everything to offer for a great retirement experience! If you are into Greek mythology and all its ancient relics and pantheon, this place is perfect for you.

 Iowa, United States

Now that we have explored one of the best and most affordable places to retire in Europe, let’s deviate our attention elsewhere and focus on the United States. Being one of the most expensive countries in the world, you will be surprised to know that there’s a state that has an affordable cost of living. West Des Moines offers excellent health care programs along with low living cost and crime rate.

  • Cost of living: $2,230
  • Main language: English
  • Population: 61,255 (2013 stats)
  • Healthcare services: Both the federally-funded Medicare and Medicaid programs provide health care coverage for retirees, especially those above 65.
  • Entertainment: Music festival, winery and brewery tours, golfing, live horse racing

 Barcelona, Spain

If you are a Spaniard at heart and you want to indulge in fiestas and caravans, a stay in Barcelona, Spain is a great option. Despite being the second largest city in Spain, it is famous for the low-cost living and a fully developed transportation system. Barcelona is also a home for pre-Roman architectures, art galleries, museums, and beaches.

  • Cost of living: $1,183
  • Major language: Spanish
  • Population: 1.602 million (2014 stats)
  • Healthcare services: Healthcare is largely subsidized in public hospitals if you own a Tarjeta Sanitaria Individual (TSI) health card.
  • Entertainment: Museums, art galleries, monuments, theaters, and beach activities.

 Nha Trang, Vietnam

If you are interested in the rich Asian culture and the historical events of post-World War 2, Vietnam is a great way to start your quest. This sandy, rural town is packed with historic temples, pagodas, and exotic fresh cuisines that foodies will really love. 

  • Cost of Living: $650-$800
  • Major language: Vietnamese
  • Population: 402,000 (2015 stats)
  • Healthcare services: Medical costs in Vietnam are poor, and there might not have English-speaking doctors. However, the healthcare system is developing. Some expats and retirees seek medical care in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, or Singapore.
  • Entertainment: Water activities, temple tours

 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

If you want to retire on a paradise island and connect with the marine nature, this is the perfect place. It is a small, walkable island with a low cost of living and a high standard of healthcare. You can also travel to nearby islands to explore what nature has in store for you.

  • Cost of living: $1,200
  • Major language: Malaysian
  • Population: 207,214 (2010 stats)
  • Healthcare services: Public hospitals are inexpensive with high medical standards, while private hospitals are more expensive with a shorter wait. Nevertheless, they both provide the same quality of healthcare services.
  • Entertainment: Water activities.

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