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Drake Takes Us Inside The Jaw-Dropping Manor He Built in His Hometown Toronto

From starting as a teenage TV actor in Canada to becoming a chart-topping global music star, Canadian rapper Drake started from the bottom and now he’s definitely here. His success so far is evident in the luxury and grandeur that is his massive 50,000 square-foot manor in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. Drake wanted people to see the work that he has put in over the years in every vantage point of the mansion.

Dubbed The Embassy, Drake’s grand home was built with luxurious details and amenities meticulously planned and executed through the help of Canadian architectural and interior designer Ferris Rafauli. It is built with limestone, exotic woods, bronze, and other noble materials. The God’s Plan rapper wanted the place to have a monumental scale and feel and had to be strong and timeless so it can stand firm for a hundred years.

A master bedroom suite fit for a Grammy-winning hit-maker like Drake

The design of the manor is reminiscent of traditional Beaux-Arts architecture but slightly abstracted and distilled with a more contemporary spirit. The exterior has a more minimal aesthetic with cleaner lines. Rafauli said that the Grammy-winning rapper didn’t want the fake gold, paint, and stucco (which the designer also didn’t like to do).

For Rafauli, he describes the overall design of the manor as modern Art Deco but tweaked to mirror the modern times and the personality of Drake. For the 33-year-old celeb, he describes it as an overwhelming high luxury, which is evident in the size of the rooms and materials and details of the floors and ceilings.

The luxurious feel of the massive abode is already felt in the entryway, which is clad in solid limestone, Nero Marquina marble beveled inserts, and an antique bronze-framed mirror.

Every part of the manor screams luxury (even the master bathroom)

The great room is nothing short of opulent, with its 44-foot ceilings. The area boasts three prized points: a concert grand piano at one end, Macassar ebony floor-to-ceiling panels, and a grand chandelier. Since Drake’s world is all about music, he wasn’t going to purchase just any piano for his home.

It is made by Austrian piano maker Bösendorfer and is a design collaboration between Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and Rafauli. The chandelier is an iteration of Lobmeyr’s iconic Metropolitan chandelier. It features over 20,000 pieces of hand-cut Swarovski crystals and is the second-largest installation of its kind in the world.

The canary-yellow lounge gives the designer’s nod to Art Deco Style. Like the other areas in his house, it can be seen in Drake’s videos for his songs such as Toosie Slide. The furnishings in this room are also custom-designed by Rafauli.

The sleek indoor basketball court just shows Drake’s fondness for the sport

One of Drake’s favorite parts of the house is his master bedroom suite. It has 3,200 square feet of livable space plus another 1,100 square feet for the covered terraces. The massive bed and base weigh roughly a ton and have price tags that are much more than other people’s homes. The master bathroom features a 4,000-pound bathtub made out of a single block of black marble. It also has a wardrobe to house Drake’s extensive fashion collection.

The manor also features a handful of other unique indoor rooms such as the world-class recording studio, a well-used kitchen, an awards room, and even a hall of sports jerseys. It’s not short of entertainment areas with an indoor swimming pool and an NBA regulation-size basketball court with a 21 square-foot pyramidal skylight.

Having started the project when he was still 27 and seeing it through, Drake believes that this is proof of his faith in himself. Like his manor, he believes that he will remain solid in a place he was born in.

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