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Embrace The Life of a Digital Nomad as You Work Remotely From These Idyllic Cities

If there’s one positive change that the execrable year of 2020 brought, it is remote working. A change that was utterly impossible to believe before the pandemic, is now contemplated to stay put in the forthcoming years.

And why shouldn’t it be?! Besides saving the enervating task of commuting, remote working has brought in numerous fruitful opportunities for workers who were previously limited by geographical boundaries.


Euan Cameron/Unsplash | If there’s one positive change the pandemic has brought, it’s normalizing remote working

Also, who on Earth doesn’t crave an ultra-cool lifestyle which involves working while travelling around the world?! From coastal getaways to buzzing cities, you can literally work from anywhere these days. In fact, to encourage digital nomads, many cities are currently offering special tourist visas and “workcation” packages that allow people to hang out there while continuing their work for months.

We’re pretty sure that your heart is already saying let’s go! But before you embark on your odyssey, don’t forget to take a quick look at these 3 Elysian places that are perfect for remote working.

#1: Nature with an urban feel – Boulder, Colorado

Sitting at over 5,000 feet of elevation, the cosy city of Boulder in Colorado topped the U.S. News list as the Best Place to Live in America and the seventh safest city in the country for 2020–2021. Located in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains, the gastronomically rich city of Boulder is the perfect option for those who desire an urban feel along with the warmth of nature.

Imagine how you’d feel if you began your day with a stroll, your morning coffee in hand, through Boulder’s picturesque mountains in the distance. Quite a break from your present boring mornings, isn’t it? Plus, Colorado has always been a great place for remote workers. A recent report discovered that since 2019, the city has listed 14.9% of its jobs as completely remote positions. And the cherry on top – the city has also bagged the 1st rank in 2020 as the rising tech hub in the world. 


Ketut Subiya/Pexels | The gastronomically rich city of Boulder is the perfect option for those who desire an urban feel along with the warmth of nature

#2: A magnetic city for the artist in you – Berlin, Germany

A city that would nurture your artistic endeavors, Berlin is the only German city with a freelance visa specifically geared towards artists. Located on the banks of Spree, this city is power-packed with its booming techno scene, start-up culture, graffitied facades, food scene and eccentric souls. Not just the creative types, Berlin is a paradise for the queer community as well.

Yes, knowing German will give you that extra edge here, but even if you don’t, there’s no need to worry as there are many English-speaking locals in Berlin. Plus, being situated almost in the middle of Europe, the internet flows like wine here! The fun fact? Despite its coolness, Berlin is astoundingly affordable than other European cities.

#3: The hurly-burly – Sydney, Australia

Scenic blue mountains, stunning beaches, fascinating museums and galleries – no doubt, Sydney is everyone’s favorite Australian city. Although a higher cost of living has pushed Sydney to the third position, it has an impressive remote working infrastructure. It also offers excellent internet speed, a digital nomad visa, and has scored fairly well in diversity and healthcare facilities. So, this vibrant city with a fine blend of old and new, is a must-visit for the travel-loving workaholics!


Ono Kosuki/Pexels | Sydney, Australia, offers excellent internet speed, a digital nomad visa, and scores fairly well in diversity and healthcare facilities

So what’s gonna be your pick?

Now that you can tick off your bucket list without even smooth-talking your boss for a leave, pack your vacay clothes and embark on your international venture already! Oh, and don’t forget your laptop, please!

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