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These Famous Hollywood Celebrities Unveil their Secret in Having Healthier and Fitter Bodies!

Do you want to flaunt a stunning body during the Summer Season? Now is the time to work on it! According to many celebrities, you can start working out and customize your diet plan right now so that you’ll achieve a fitter body when you hit the beach this Summer. These Hollywood personalities give their best fitness tips to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Teyana Taylor

Taylor shares how her classmates used to call her a “Ninja Turtle” for having a Buddha’s belly. However, what they don’t know is that she already had six-pack abs on top of it. Due to these criticisms, Taylor worked hard to lose her fat belly by dancing and performing on-stage.

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Taylor recommends sticking to a physical activity you enjoy with to lose weight. You don’t need to force yourself in hitting the gym.

Due to her hectic schedule of doing rehearsals and tours, she doesn’t have the luxury to try other workouts. Aside from that, she’s not fond of going to gyms since she feels intimidated with people grunting and stunting. She prefers to focus on her own pace and minding her own business.

Jenna Dewan

Aside from being a great actress, Dewan is also a fan of ballet dancing. She started ballet since she was five years old and ever since then, she’s done ballet whenever Dewan’s time permits. She remembered going to Nutcracker to do some choreography and the difficulty of balancing yourself while dancing taught her to be more disciplined in life.

It made it easier for her to stick on her strict diet regimen.  If you’re looking for a So if you’re looking for a new challenging workout to try, Dewan recommends you try ballet dancing. You’ll find yourself not only losing weight but also loving the life of a dancer.

Brooke Burke

Burke reveals she’s never been a fan of counting calories. Not only it restricts her from eating her favorite foods, but she doesn’t have time to compute what she eats every single time. Instead, she does intermittent fasting.

Instead of counting your calories, Burke chose to practice mindful eating instead.

After her fasting, she’ll cook a delicious meal and don’t hold herself back from eating. However, she makes sure to listen to what her body tells her. If Burke feels full, she’ll stop eating altogether. She also prefers to take a nibble or small bite in all foods instead of depriving yourself and going cold turkey.

Chadwick Boseman

The renowned Black Panther actor believes tightening up your diet plan and workout is a great way to be physically fit and healthy. He does martial arts since not only it strengthens and tones his muscles, but he also learns how to defend himself.

Boseman also reveals how he seems to be in control of his life when he’s practicing martial arts. The physical ability to do things beyond your limits serves as his inner strength in life.

Jessica Biel

Biel reveals the workout that works best for her is yoga. Not only it’s useful to stretch her muscles to become flexible, but she can do it anytime and anywhere she wants. Biel reveals how yoga fits into her hectic schedule, and she can focus on channeling her inner state of mind.

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She can sit for hours meditating or do the Savasana position for 20 minutes without anyone reprimanding or telling her what to do. Biel knows the importance of listening to your body since it knows what’s best for her.

Britney Spears

Due to her tight schedule, Britney Spears cannot stick to one workout routine as most people do. However, this disadvantage turned into a good thing as she is now free to do a random physical activity. For example, she can run in the morning or swim and hit the beach if she’s near the ocean.

If she’s at home, she’ll do Drenched Fitness workout, circuit training, or even yoga if she feels like it. Her secret is doing at least one physical activity every day to keep her body active.

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