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Feeling Lost Career-Wise? Here Are Some Empowering Tips Straight From an Expert Recruiter

When it comes to navigating the professional world, every decision counts. So, people who are serious about advancing their careers in their respective fields might feel pressure when making work-related choices. Fortunately, those who might be feeling lost could benefit from the wealth of expert advice available today. Here are some of them from recruitment expert James Reed.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Ambitious

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The key thing to ambition is having and sharing ideas that you can implement to the best of your abilities

Being ‘ambitious’ may come with negative connotations but in reality, it can be a good thing. It can easily mean just having high expectations about oneself or one’s workplace, which are both reasonable. Reed particularly views ideas as a form of currency they can trade. But more importantly, one’s ability to fulfill these usually determines how ambitious a person can afford to be.

Be Positive

Never underestimate the power of thinking positively when it comes to one’s career and life, in general. According to Reed, people tend to feel better both physically and mentally when they can find meaning in the work they do and vice versa.

This also means having the desire and willingness to learn all throughout one’s life. He also emphasized the numerous avenues for self-education that people have today, which can be a key to the eventual success of their career. Make use of the many blogs, free books, and tutorials on various topics that can be accessed with just a few clicks online.

Know Oneself & One’s Field

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Remember that your good and bad traits can lead to amazing opportunities or close doors to others

Every person has their own different sets of strengths and weaknesses. Knowing one’s own abilities and limitations also means knowing just what one has to offer their employer and determine which roles they can perform best in.

However, all of this can become useless when one neglects to get to know the place they want to work in. Researching a company is recommended especially if one plans on working for them long-term.

Leading Oneself

Before one can lead other people, they must learn how to lead themselves first. This means realizing what one needs to move forward in their career, being proactive, and organizing oneself. After all, who else can a person rely on to rise every workday than one’s self?

Having A Support System Matters

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Think of all the people you’ve met at university, previous jobs, or clubs and determine which held you back and which helped in propelling you forward

When people think of a support system, family members and close friends typically come to mind. However, this could also include a person’s work colleagues, who can offer them advice or help in times of need. Reed emphasizes how people should realize the amount of support that surrounds them.


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