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Follow These Online Shopping Hacks to Make Last-Minute Gift Buying a Total Breeze

The holidays are fast approaching and people are now starting to plan their shopping lists as early as possible. But on the opposite end are those who tend to put buying presents up to the last minute because of their busy schedule. Fortunately, solving this dilemma has been made easier by the popularity of online shopping.

Keeping Gifts A Surprise

Rob Crandall/Shutterstock
Items delivered to Hub Lockers in stores like Whole Foods can be kept there for up to three days without additional fees

Buying gifts online is definitely convenient and it looks like retail giants like Amazon are set to even make things more convenient. Now, people can have the choice to have their packages securely delivered right inside their car, garage or home.

This service, Key by Amazon, is available to Amazon Prime members. Meanwhile, those who would prefer to pick up their orders in another convenient place like specific Whole Foods or RiteAid stores can opt for the Hub Locker option when checking out their purchase.

Going for these delivery choices can help keep presents secret from housemates and family members as well as keep them away from porch thieves. Returning items is also made easier as people won’t need to go to the post office to mail their package. Returns can be sent via Hub Locker and Hub Counter locations.

Ultrafast Shipping

Prime members have the perk of receiving items they ordered before noon arrive at their doorstep by 9 pm on the same day

Another one of Amazon’s fantastic features is its Prime Free One-Day Delivery service as well as the Same-Day Delivery option on millions of items on the site.

This enables last-minute shoppers to get their products just in the nick of time. Prime members (living in certain cities) can also avail of Amazon’s free two-hour delivery on groceries including fresh produce for their last-minute Christmas dinner needs.

Earning Points

Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock
The airline JetBlue is one of the companies that has a partnership with Amazon to give people points.

Shoppers can also enjoy earning points while picking presents for their friends and family. In connection with this, people who have recently stayed at Hilton hotels during their trips can use their points to purchase products on Amazon.

Another ongoing deal on the site gives Prime members a 15% cashback in the form of gift cards for Avis car rentals. Meanwhile, non-Prime members can enjoy 10%.

Guides & Lists

Another feature people will find useful for their holiday shopping is Amazon Lists. The function is one of the best ways to keep track of gift ideas.

One can also ask their family and friends to use the feature to make their own sort of wishlist to make picking presents easier. Then people can buy gifts straight off of the list. Similarly, Amazon also has curated gift guides to further help people with their shopping. In fact, their guides include the likes of Mariah’s Must-Haves and Oprah’s Favorite Things.

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