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The Former Home Of The Award-winning Novelist Edith Wharton Found A New Owner, And You Won’t Believe The Amount They Paid For The Estate!

Another oceanfront estate is off the market, and you would not believe how historically significant the estate was. The impressive estate situated at Newport, Rhode Island, had previously belonged to the world-famous novelist Edith Wharton. Now, it is officially sold and won’t be available in the market anytime soon.

The sprawling home, which is known as the Land’s End, was up on the market for a lump sum of $11.7 million. However, they couldn’t get any buyer who could pay for the historically significant place with that jaw-dropping amount. In the end, it finally sold to the close friends of the current owners of the house. They paid an official $8.6 million as recorded by The Wall Street Journal.

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The exteriors of the house

The property covers an enormous area of 5.6 acres and contains an 11,000 square foot main house, which was built in the late 1800s. The historical details of this house are still intact with its original moldings. There’s also a stone bench that’s present at the entry hall that came along with the original building. However, other parts of the dwelling have already been renovated and redesigned by the previous buyers.

The historic home has a living room parlor with a cozy fireplace, and all of its walls are painted butter green. The French doors are the real eye-catchers as they are tall enough to touch the ground up to the ceilings. Once you open the doors of the house, you will immediately be greeted by the vast ocean.

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The interiors of the estate

The dining room presents a taste of traditional touch with its parquet hardwood floors and a unique peach-colored ceiling. There is a room dedicated to the collection of flowers that are picked straight from the garden. One of the most critical aspects of the house is that it contains more than eight bedrooms. The new owners would have also been delighted that their new home has a saltwater pool, which is just a piece of heaven on earth.

Historical aspects of the house


The late Wharton, along with her husband, bought the home in 1983 for a rough amount of $80,000. That price amounts to $2.3 million if we take into account its value today. Wharton famously liked interior decorations and minimalistic architectural touches. She, along with their mutual friend, decorated the house according to the couple’s liking, excluding the unnecessary details, which makes the house look even more lavish.

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