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Golf Guru Tiger Woods has an Unwavering Inspiration From His Late Dad That Keeps Him Going

Tiger Woods played at the Masters last Thursday and he was a pleasure to watch. The athlete was seen back on the field after a year as he had suffered from severe injuries due to a car accident last year.

Despite the severe injuries that he is suffering, Woods was amazing to behold as he composed himself by firing 1, under 71. As Tiger sustained with the game, he missed a hole-in-one in a very closed shot. While maintaining his composure, Woods finished in style on the 18th hole.

Tennis World USA / Tiger Woods still plays at the Masters despite “a terrible warm-up.”

Nevertheless, apart from the incredible performance on the ground, Woods, later on, revealed that he had “a terrible warm-up session” before the Thursday match at Masters. “It was before the tea time – somewhere around 11:00 AM,” he was reported saying.

According to Woods himself, it almost seemed impossible to him to go to the Masters and play later that day. “What motivated you to still go ahead and play such a wonderful golf on the same day following the terrible warm-up,” asked a correspondent. From the response of Woods, it turns out that he has an unwavering inspiration from his late father, Earl.

Live About / Tiger Woods’s late dad, Earl Woods, would always motivate him “to complete the actual task no matter what.”

His Dad’s Inspiration Holds TiGer Woods Back

“I had this thought of quitting the match today. But as I sat down for the tea, I was reminded of what my dad told me years ago. It was nothing less of a revelation,” Tiger Woods said. He went on to explain what his father had told him that has brought back the new energy and passion in Tiger Woods. “Just before the game I hit terribly and I felt down – both physically and mentally.

This is where I went back to what my dad used to emphatically endorse.” Wood went on to quote his dad who would ask him: “Did you complete your task”? To that, Woods would reply by saying: “It is a warm-up, dad. Its not really a task.” His dad, with his classic wisdom, would bounce back with the question: “Did you complete the warm-up”? To that, Woods would reply: “Yes, of course, I did.”

Sports Casting / If it weren’t for his dad, Tiger Woods probably would not have been the one we see today.

“Well done son! Now go and play. What is ahead of you now is the actual task. Go get it no matter what,” the late dad of Tiger Woods would advise his young son. The hallmark of this classic advice is that no matter what hardships you go through in the trial, do not make it count.

What happens off the field should not matter to you as an athlete. This was the mindset nurtured and instilled in tiger Woods by his late father years ago. “I had these thoughts and I decided to go on the field and play. So I did. I played regardless of the terrible warm-up,” said Tiger Woods in a post-match conference.

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