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Hailee Steinfeld Reveals Her Fitness Secrets and Workout Routine

As one of the most popular rising stars in the Hollywood scene today, singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld definitely got that pressure on her shoulders to always manage to look good both on and off the camera.

Almost every celebrity has that pressure that some others even try to go hardcore by having to go under medical procedures in order to get their dream looks. Steinfeld, on the other hand, admits that it can be difficult at times since the world is literally watching her every move. Find out some of their fitness and beauty secrets on how exactly does she maintain such a great physique despite her really hectic schedule.

No Excuses On Discipline

Almost everyone who stays fit often says that discipline is literally the key to having their ideal body. Most people think that the mornings are the best time to work out, but as for the Love Myself singer, it can be done at any time of the day.

Steinfeld admitted that she did try to work out every single morning, but she couldn’t just do it especially if she is on tour. Instead, she does it during the night when everything is over and that’s the only thing she is left to do. In an interview with Shape magazine, the singer and actress said that going to the gym to do her workout routine is something that she considers as part of her winding down and after that, it is time for her to go to bed.
What she has for breakfast is not workout, instead, she would have cereal such as Special K mixed with some bananas.

However, she also revealed that there are times that she would like to just splurge and have some Rice Krispies as well as some Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes. Steinfeld also said that whenever she is on tour, she find it very difficult to have a workout routine so most of the time she just spends her time at the hotel gym where she is staying, but other than that she just has her own resistance bands and jump ropes that she carries every single time especially if she does not have any access to a gym.

In the gym, she usually switches between swimming, treadmill, bike, and elliptical. However, she admitted that she does have a favorite one to do and that is kickboxing. Aside from that the singer and actress still manage to find time to take a walk even just for 15 minutes even after rehearsals on tour or shoots in a film. She also admitted that she has never been a fan of running but it’s something that she knows she has to do.

Self-Care 101

When it comes to the food she eats, Steinfeld revealed that she pretty much doesn’t have any strict diet since she is often on the road and a lot of countries offer different types of cuisines. The only thing that she makes sure of is that she is eating something clean and healthy so that she wouldn’t get sick especially on tour. She gets small meals throughout the day to keep her energy at its peak because that is something she must always have.

Keeping herself healthy at all times will help her get through the busy day that she always has. Her father also became such a massive influence on her when it comes to disciplining herself on staying fit, which is why she didn’t find it so difficult to find a motivation to do it every single day no matter how busy her schedule can be.

It is definitely not easy being a celebrity, especially as a triple threat performer just like Hailee. To be able to have such picture perfect looks and a fit physique she admitted that she always make sure to be positive. She admitted that she struggled to stay away from hateful comments and that it used to get her a lot but she realized that having a positive outlook in life by trying to stay fit and beautiful in her own way is good enough. Steinfeld even said that she doesn’t wear that much makeup especially when she’s in a hurry, but she loves the confidence it gives her but knows that it is just for enhancements.

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