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Here’s a Sneak Peek of McLaren’s Upcoming Hybrid Supercar

It has been announced that British carmaker McLaren Automotive will be introducing a new entry-level hybrid supercar. And it looks like we’re getting a sneak peek of what appears to be a test mule of the hybrid Sports Series model.

The car’s prototype was spotted decked with a production bodyshell for the first time. Even with the camouflage, it’s obvious that its styling likens that of Woking’s recently launched GT. The difference is that this McLaren prototype has shorter overhangs and lowered suspension, which show that there is a greater emphasis on the car’s all-around performance.

McLaren is set to launch a hybrid model for their Sports Series

There are also other details that are quite visible on the prototype model. It has a gaping front air intake and a fairly large rear diffuser. Sitting behind the mesh grille are new elliptical brake lights. However, it’s still not confirmed if these will make it to production. There are also centrally positioned exhaust exits, which are similar to that of the Super Series flagship, the 720S.

This test mule sighting comes after McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt gave statements suggesting that they’re ramping up the development of the electrified model. Last year, he told Autocar that McLaren already has experience in hybrid systems after their P1, P1 GTR, and Speedtail. According to Flewitt, they have been aiming to make the car economical and thrilling to drive.

Its exhaust exits are similar to that of the McLaren 720S

Based on reports, the new hybrid supercar model will have an electrified powertrain that combines twin-turbocharged petrol V6 with an electric motor that has an undisclosed capacity. Details about its performance still have to be confirmed, but it’s said to be capable of going 20 miles on electricity alone.

The car, which is known as a replacement in the Sports Series, is expected to be equipped with a charging port. This makes it more of a plug-in hybrid instead of the recuperative hybrid system used in the P1. Petrol and electric power go through the rear wheels only.

The new hybrid will most likely be a plug-in instead of a recuperative hybrid

Last year, Flewitt told Autocar that he aims to launch the hybrid at the same weight range as the car it succeeds. Although it’s impossible to cancel out the extra weight of a hybrid system, Flewitt still believes they can minimize it. McLaren has done a huge effort to manage the weight of the car.

Flewitt himself has driven a prototype of the hybrid car and thinks that it’s compelling. He said that they wouldn’t be launching the model if it isn’t at par with their standards. This hybrid supercar is expected to be released later this year.

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