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High School Experiences that You Shouldn’t Miss

High school is a stage in life where you get to transition from being a child to puberty. You get to live the time of your life when you are at an experimental stage. It is during this stage that you explore the possibilities in your head along with your peers. When the oldies reminisce about their high school experiences, many realize that they lost the chance to do things that would have made their high school life even more memorable. The oldies can’t turn back the time much as they would wish, but the young can still do something about it.

Here are some of the high school experiences you would laugh at someday:




Say, you are nervous about the first day of class. Spot potential friends you have chemistry with. Not a romantic one, of course, but people you feel you can relate to.

Having a group of friends will get you through the bad and good times in high school. It will be a plus if these friends are academically inclined. They do not have to be geniuses or on the honor roll but a group that has goals and will not leave you to hang dry when tough times comes.


And because you are young, feel it. Be childish and joke around. The world does not expect you to carry many burdens so be foolish and make mistakes as long as they do not have permanent consequences. Hang out with friends and do your thing without anything extreme.


Feel the rush when you see your crush. It’s okay to have one or two and feel excited about seeing that person. This is the time of puberty, after all. Just don’t expect anything permanent. The mind of the young can change in a heartbeat. One day you like this one, the next day you like somebody else. Enjoy the feeling and don’t take it too seriously. Have them.

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It sounds lame to those not academically inclined, but try to join clubs. Whether it is in the line of sports or music, the time to explore is in front of you. Take the opportunity to learn things and enjoy good company. Wouldn’t it be fun to share the experiences you had no idea you could?


When the eventually gets closer, attitudes (good and bad) will start to show themselves, and you will have to face and adjust to your differences. There will be an experience that will divide the squad, and there will be taking sides. The first quarrel is inevitable but normal. Once you overcome this, it will strengthen the bond. Just don’t do anything that could potentially damage your friendship permanently.



You can have the formal and the informal ones if you like. Groupfies are necessary. Be playful, and it does not have to make sense. You could even take a pic of that sock after a soccer match, your favorite chess piece while in a tournament, or even the club your squad has gathered in support of. Capture the memories.


Attend your prom. Missing this event in high school is not an option. The teachers will be there, both the known terrors and the student’s favorite. Your friends will be there too with sparkly gowns, and the guys will be in dashing tuxedos. Most especially, your crush will be there, too. Other than the food, the dancing is the most exciting part.



Never miss your graduation. This is a milestone, the reward of your hard-earned grades. You will walk a path to the stage and make your family and friends proud of you. Yes, the tears will flow, drama and all. It is okay. The conclusion of your ‘firsts memories,’ the zone that encouraged you to break free, grow and see the world.

They say that missing high school experiences is like missing half of your life, and they could be right. The point is, these are the starters for stories you’ll be fond of sharing as you get older. The friends you will be having might be miles away after high school, and you will see others a lot. You may see others after years once they have their own careers and families. You need to try these experiences. Who knows what important memories you will be creating?

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