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Jeff Bezos buys Quaint Mini-Estate next to his Recently Acquired 10-acre Jack Warner Compound!

Jeff Bezos is what we call a jack-of-all-trades, being an American media proprietor, an industrialist, and an investor but, best known to the world as the Founder, President, and CEO of Amazon. It goes without saying that being one of the most successful men in the world, Bezos knows how to go all out in terms of real estate acquisition. As such, his most recent real estate purchase is said to be a little bit modest as compared to his other possessions.

Bezos just got his hands on a $10 million traditional home in the Beverly Hills, that stands next to the massive 10-acre Jack Warner estate he purchased just a few months prior to this. The centibillionaire paid a total of $165 million to mega-producer and philanthropist, David Geffen, for the beautiful historic compound. And now, just a few months down the line, he decided to buy the home next to it, too! Oh, the perks of fame and money!

New York Times | Bezos’s purchase before this was a massive 10-acre compound!

Even if it might be a downgrade to his usual style, Bezos’s new property is still quite impressive!

The 4,615 -square-foot double story house was originally built in 1930, and was designed by Sumner Spaulding, a noted personality in the world of architecture. The previous owner, who purchased the home for $5.45 million in 2018, recently made some major upgrades on the house, making it a win for Bezos and his girlfriend.

As the property was never on any real estate list, there are no current details and pictures but, dated listings from 2018 describe the mini-estate to be a sweet, sun-drenched home, made with dark hardwood floors, crown molding in all the mains living areas, and even has built-in shelves!

Variety | The quaint mini-estate is no less of a charmer

The house also boasts of a bricked fireplace in the formal living room, which is flanked by a set of French doors that open into an outdoor dining area, lined by trees. 5 more fireplaces are also placed in key rooms around the house. The dining room is made spacious with alluring white lofted wood beam ceilings. The property also consists of a library, media room, den, and a courtyard.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the design is the numerous intricate iron-lined balconies that overlook the lovely courtyard. The cherry on top is the backyard, which hosts an offering of rose and vegetable gardens all around.

Variety | The cozy interior is perfect for Bezos and his girlfriend!

Other than the sprawling Geffen estate, Bezos has a ton of homes all around the US, spanning from Texas, California, Washington D.C., and Washington state. He also has a hold of 4 apartments in a Manhattan building and is reportedly planning to combine all the four units into one to make a dream house that overlooks Madison Square Park!

Before the latest apartment purchase, Bezos spent a sum of $90 million on a 120-acre plot of land that once belonged to the late Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. However, the deal fell through recently.

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