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Is Jennifer Lopez Making Alex Rodriguez Throw Away His Painting? Technically, Yes!

We love following love stories in Hollywood, and the one making a lot of news these days is being shared by singer Jennifer Lopez and her soon-to-be husband Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod.

The two are already engaged after dating for a considerable amount of time and have revealed that they would be tying the knot sometime in the coming year.

All eyes are set on J-Lo who is preparing to walk down the aisle for the fourth time

Of course, just like any marriage, both Lopez and Rodriguez would be sharing everything together, which means that their personal belongings may no longer have a space in their shared accommodation. And they have already started preparing for it.

Although the two are not married as of yet, Rodriguez has reportedly already started making room for the art that he expects to collect with Lopez as a married couple, by getting rid of two of his old paintings.

Necessary Changes

Jeanne Greenberg, who has worked as an art dealer and also A-Rod’s advisor for a very long time now, has also affirmed that Lopez and A-Rod would most likely want to collect art together. According to her, this is why A-Rod is taking some measures to make way for the necessary changes.

While revealing details of the art that Rodriguez would be getting rid of in the near future, Greenberg revealed that the art on sale would include a painting called Pink Elephant with Fire Engine, painted by Jean-Michel Basquiat back in the early 80s, as well as the Mustang Painting created by the remarkable Richard Prince.

While this may not sound like much, the cumulative worth of these paintings has been estimated to be around $6.5 million. However, bear in mind that this figure is only an estimate, which means that the actual selling price may be way higher or lower, depending upon their demand.

Alex Rodriguez has made a point of covering up the walls in his home with valuable art

A Thing For Art

To most people, Alex Rodriguez is a legendary baseball player, having delivered some very exceptional performances in the game. But a fact that a lot of people, including some of his fans, may be unaware of is that he is also an art aficionado, collecting away all those works which he believes deserve to be hung on his walls.

The date for the auction was set on the 27th of June this year, and while the anticipation for the event had grown exponentially with time, what many didn’t expect was a statement by Robert Manley, the co-head of Philips’ worldwide.

Rodriguez and Lopez are all set to get married next year, according to reports

In his statement, Robert first exclaimed that there were very few players who were as good at their sport when compared to A-Rod. Then, he went on to acknowledge the side of A-Rod which not many people knew: his passion for collecting art.

It would definitely be interesting to see the kind of paintings J-Lo and A-Rod accumulate together, as both of them seem to have an impeccable taste in art.

We can’t wait to be blown away by some of the valuable pieces they choose to display in their new home, and of course the other changes which would come in their lives as a result of this union.

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