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Kim Kardashian Has a Gorgeous House, and This Very Special Floor You Have Probably Never Seen Before!

If you have been following Kim Kardashian over the years, then you must have realized that she does not like doing anything half-heartedly, and that is perhaps the reason millions of people around the world follow her so religiously. Whatever Kim does becomes a trend, mostly because it’s always iconic and worthy of being discussed. This time, it’s the flooring in her new house.

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Kim Kardashian always exceeds expectations in whatever project she does.

The house built by Kim and her husband Kanye West in the coveted Hidden Hills region of California took almost $60 million of their combined wealth to reach its finished stage. The couple sought the expertise of Axel Vervoordt, who is an accomplished interior designer, as well as Claudio Silvestrin, a gifted architect, to ensure they left no stone unturned in building a house that was pure perfection in every sense of the word.

A Monastery

After this massive investment as well as the input of experts in architecture and interior designing in the making of the mansion, the Kardashian-West family is certainly happy with the outcome, with Kim calling the house a monastery of a minimal nature.

The outside space of the house is exquisitely landscaped, which is perfect for the family of six to enjoy their time in the fresh outdoors. The indoors is a completely different scene, with walls made of plain alabaster. But perhaps the most interesting feature of the house is the floor, which has reportedly been made by a Belgian plaster of a very special kind.

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Kim and Kanye’s Hidden Hills home offers a breathtaking view from above, that’s for sure.

Apparently, even a single scuff on the marble would require repairing, however, there is no one qualified enough to repair a Belgian plaster floor in the US, at least not at this point in time. Hence, any repair work required on the flooring would have to be done by a team that is present in Europe, and hence the couple would have to fly them into the country, just to fix their floor. As a way to avoid such scuffing, visitors are asked to wear a covering made of cloth on their shoes.

 Other Features

We were given a glimpse of some other amazing features of the mansion during the video done by Kim for Vogue magazine as part of their 73 Questions series. In the video, as Kim was giving a house tour, fans were left amazed by the type of sinks installed in one of the bathrooms: they did not have basins.

To clear up the confusion, Kim posted an Instagram story clarifying the functionality of these sinks. According to her, the sink is designed in a manner that, no matter how high the pressure of the water, there is absolutely no backsplash. The marble sinks are actually sloped, just a bit, and a slot exists which serves the purpose of a drain.

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We are still not sure how this sink works, but if Kim says it does, it does!

The house had been purchased by West and Kardashian back in the year 2014 for a mere $20 million and spread over an area of 8000 sq. ft. During the time that renovation work was being done on the house, they stayed with Kris Jenner.

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