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Kristen Stewart Recreates Princess Diana’s Casual Look For ‘Spencer’

For any movie to become a huge hit, three things should be perfect – the story, the locations, and the characters. Even though the ultimate verdict lies with the fans, filmmakers usually don’t leave any stone unturned with respect to these three when it comes to making their thoughts come alive on the big screen. Maybe that’s why Spencer‘s team is working vigorously on pulling off the role of the late Princess Diana.


Shoebox Films | Upcoming movie ‘Spencer’ is based on a weekend in Princess Diana’s life and stars Kristen Stewart in the lead role

Set around a weekend in December 1991, the movie describes Princess Diana’s life’s turning point when she decided to end her marriage with Prince Charles. Having Kristen Stewart play the lead role, the film has already created quite a buzz in the market with leaked photos from its sets.

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A peek inside Spencer’s sets

The latest pictures from Spencer‘s set show Kristen Stewart (aka onscreen Princess Diana) with her two sons (the child actors portraying Prince William and Prince Harry). In the picture, Stewart can be seen sporting Princess Diana’s casual look with an oversized Blazer and a Baseball cap as she helps her onscreen children out of the car.

On January 27, 2021, Neon (the distributor) had shared a photo on its Instagram handle to celebrate the beginning of the principal photography for the film. The click showed Stewart flaunting her blonde locks in a red coat complemented with a black hat and netting that fell over her face.

Looking like a spitting image of the late Di, Stewart was quoted as saying that the movie portrays the emotional state of Princess Diana before she decided to divorce Prince Charles. It shows what the name ‘Spencer’ meant to her and how eager she was to return to her previous life.


Filmhafizasi | The movie depicts Princess Diana’s frame of mind during the most crucial time of her life (her divorce from Prince Charles)

Kristen Stewart’s view of Spencer

On November 25, 2020, Stewart appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to promote her movie Happiest Season. While talking to the host, she gave the audience a sneak-peek into Spencer too. Recalling the flowers laid in honor of Princess Diana’s death at Buckingham Palace all those years ago, Stewart said she was very young at the time and had no idea what they meant. The Twilight star said that it’s hard not to feel protective over Princess Diana, especially thinking of her global appeal and how young she was when she died.

She revealed that Spencer captures the Princess’s mental state over three days and focuses on describing what happened rather than giving any new information to the viewers. When asked about her preparation, the young actress said she aims to nail the late royal accent. Princess Diana’s accent was so distinct that Stewart took help from a dialect coach to ace it.

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Reuters | In an interview, Stewart said that the most difficult part was acing Princess Diana’s accent, for which she had to take a dialect coach’s help

Deets on the movie’s release

The director and producer, Pablo Larraín, hasn’t announced a date for the movie’s release yet. However, reports suggest that it will release in the fall of 2021, before the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death, which is in 2022.

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