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The Lavish Lifestyle Of Dubai Proves That Money Can Buy Happiness

There has been a non-ending argument about whether or not money can buy you happiness. While some argue that happiness is something that is found deep inside of you. How you feel about yourself – deep inside – is what determines how happy you are. This school of thought believes in loyalty, humanitarianism, and developing human relationships with your loved ones and strangers.

However, this argument is challenged by yet another extreme belief that money can not buy happiness is a lie told by poor folks. If you have a lot of money, they argue, you can fly your own jet and land in Dubai in no time. Located at the heart of UAE, this extravagant city will offer you an unimaginable luxurious life. You can witness the most expensive in the world where everything is much more advanced than in Miami and Ney York.

Getty / Money can not buy you happiness is a lie told by the poor! Exploring the extravagant of Dubai – the gateway to UAE – is a patent example.

Dubai is by far the most advanced and highly extravagant city in the world. Even the luxurious states of the U.S. – like Miami, Florida, and Florida – are out of comparison. This world’s richest city attracts numberless billionaires from all over the world. Even in the U.S., industry leaders like Warren Buffet and Lary Ellison head over to Dubai to find true leisure. Thus, Dubai is one of the most extravagant cities in the world that is home to the ultra-rich.

But the issue is that only the elite class – billionaires and millionaires – can make it t Dubai. These are the only rich folks who get to enjoy the real lavishness of Dubai. Luxurious 5-star hotels, private jets, infinity pools, and suburban beauty are a constant reminder that you are in Dubai. But unless you are not rich enough to afford the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai, you can not simply get there.

Asian Times / Unless you are not rich afford to afford the expensive lifestyle of Dubai, you can not simply get there.

It is no secret that Dubai makes its most revenue from oil reserves. But gone are the days when the heart city of UAE used to rely on oil reserves alone. Today, Dubai generates massive revenue every year from multifarious sources. And tourism is one the top of the list.

Dubai: The Extravagant Home of Ultra-Rich

The question still remains: Who explores Dubai the most? And the answer is only the elite class with millions and billions of dollars. On the other hand, common mortals who hardly make a living can not see the true version of Dubai.

Gulf Times / Hollywood hall of fame, like Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, and other celebrities, own properties in Dubai.

The lavishness of Dubai can be measured by the fact that numberless Hollywood stars head over to Dubai every now and then. Why? To enjoy a lavish lifestyle there.

Wiz Khalifa was recently spotted roaming in Dubai. Similarly, there are hundreds of celebrities who own properties in Dubai. David Beckham and his spouse, Lindsay Lohan, and Giorgio Armani are some of the big names who own properties in Dubai.

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