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The Legendary Elizabeth Taylor Looks Ravishing In Rare Pictures!

Some actors are born to change the face of the world. Their existence and presence make such a huge impact on people’s lives, that they’re remembered and adored for their work, perseverance, and contribution even years after they’ve passed. Today we’re going to talk about one such legend – Elizabeth Taylor – an actor par excellence and an amazing personality. 

In a new book of photos, surprising captures of Taylor, her love interests, and her children have come to light. The book shines a spotlight on some rare and candid moments that’ll make you fall in love with the star all over again. 


George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images | In a new book of photos, surprising captures of Taylor, her love interests, and her children have come to light

Let’s have a look at what expert photographers have to say about Taylor and the beautiful memories that reconcile with the pictures. But before that let’s have a little sneak peek into the photobook.

The photobook – Forever Elizabeth

Who didn’t adore Lizzie in her performance as Cleopatra? We’re sure, you all did! Likewise, Robert Risko fell in love with Taylor when he saw her play the iconic role in the movie. At that time, he was just 10 years old, Risko mentions in the new photobook, Forever Elizabeth

The book features photographs depicting the fashion of that era, the sets of those times, a rare collection of behind-the-scenes shots, and much more from the world’s most renowned photographers – all of whom were quite captivated by Taylor. Robert, who also wrote the text for the book, mentions that even though Elizabeth was extremely beautiful, yet, she too had some tacky moments. However, her personality was so loveable and adored, that even her fashion failures used to captivate the eyes of her admirers. After all, fans used to love her vulnerability!

Robert carries on by saying that Lizzie was just like a cat. Her eyes could express every emotion in a few split seconds, yet, she could be perceived as a victim. She was such a powerful and rock-solid person, that every time she was hit by a rock, she came back even stronger. This is exactly why picking our favorite “Liz look” from the book is a tough choice. But we’ll still try

Snaps from the book you shouldn’t miss

#1 – Look magazine, 1954

Milton H. Greene shot Taylor with her 16-month-old son, Michael Wielding, Jr., in the MGM backlot for Look magazine’s series of Hollywood mothers.  


Milton H. Greene/Iconic Images | Milton H. Greene shot Taylor with her 16-month-old son, Michael Wielding, Jr., in the MGM backlot for Look magazine’s series of Hollywood mothers

#2 – Paris, 1965

Taylor worked like a lucky charm for Douglas Kirkland’s career, which was catapulted into the stratosphere post he took pictures of Lizzie in 1961 that were published in Look magazine and were highly appreciated by the audience. 

Four years later, Douglas was again given an opportunity to click Taylor when she agreed to be photographed with her then-husband, Richard Burton. Kirkland recalls, he along with Hamilton was there in Paris for several weeks, waiting for the perfect moment, and luckily the opportunity finally came when the men encountered the couple in George V hotel. 

#3 – Our favorite! London, 1963

We mean just look at this masterpiece! Greene photographed this breathtaking picture consisting of Taylor and Richard Burton, just a year before they got married for the first time (Lizzie famously married eight times, including exchanging vows with Burton twice). Even though their marriage was scrutinized several times, Greene believed that the couple was head over heels in love. 


Milton H. Greene/Iconic Images | Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
in London, 1963

You simply can’t leave without answering this one – which one is your favorite?

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