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It’s A Once In A Lifetime Trip To Space For This Lucky Mom And Daughter

Have you ever wanted to go into space and experience the magic firsthand? Most people will probably say yes.

Especially after Jeff Bezos’s famous space trip in his rocket ship New Shepard, which included a capsule with the biggest windows to be flown in space, offering views of the earth like never before.

Space tourism has become one of the leading topics in 2021 and now the people of the earth are expanding their horizons and moving into the great unknown. Don’t believe it?  The Russian space crew and actors who ventured out to make the first movie ever to be filmed in space just might convince you.

Virgin Galactic | The commercialization of space has started – and this is just the beginning

Space Tourism

Space tourism is a branch of the aviation industry that is coming up to give tourists a unique chance to explore the space they had only read about in books. The lucky participants will not only get enjoy the experience but might also live out their childhood dream of being an astronaut. Only they won’t need research or study but rather these tourists will be visiting space for touristy reasons.

Virgin Galactic | Sir Richard Branson surprising Keisha for her win

Meet the Winners

While most people can only dream about this one-of-a-lifetime trip, one person got lucky by winning a trip to space on Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flight. Keisha S. is a health and energy coach from Antigua and Barbuda who managed to bag not just one but two tickets for the Virgin Galactic flight all because of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic’s Omaze sweepstakes. Now you might be wondering if Keisha won two tickets, who is going to go with her? Keisha is planning on taking her daughter, who is an astrophysics student, along for the trip.

While being interviewed by People, Keisha said that she was speechless and unable to explain how happy and excited she is for this opportunity. She joined the sweepstakes thanks to an ad but had no idea that she was going to win. She then went on to mention that her daughter is studying STEM and is looking forward to working with NASA.

Virgin Galactic | Keisha is taking her daughter on this trip because she knows that it will be a dream come true for the young astrophysicist in making

Keisha and her daughter are going to be one of the first astronauts from the Caribbean Island.

And if that isn’t a story to tell the grandchildren, we don’t know what is!

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