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Looking For Epic Birthday Ideas? Jennifer Lopez Has Thrown The Most Perfect Party On Her 50th Birthday!

Many of us love celebrating birthdays, but no one does it better than the rich and famous. Just take Jennifer Lopez as an example. The extremely talented singer turned 50 this year, to mark the occasion, she went all out to throw one of the best birthday bashes we have seen in recent times. According to reports, the birthday party was organized in the region of Miami, at a Star Island estate owned by Emilio Estefan.

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Jennifer Lopez is now 50 years old.

The pictures, as well as videos from the event, were circulated thousands of times by media outlets as well as fans of the singer on various online platforms, and from those it can clearly be seen that Alex Rodriguez, who is Lopez’s fiancé, was also in attendance in addition to some of their mixed family members. Of course, Lopez also invited her closest friends including many celebrities from the entertainment industry such as Ryan Seacrest and DJ Khaled, to name a few.

An Epic Party

We are sure celebrities have parties all the time, but this one was certainly one that has left people talking about it days afterward. According to one source that had the chance of attending Lopez’s birthday bash, it was an epic party that had all of the people important to her in attendance. While sometimes celebrities throw parties simply because they want to network with others in the industry, the source clarified that, for Lopez, this party was only about celebrating her birthday with her loved ones.

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Ryan Seacrest was among the group of friends who attended her birthday party.

Lopez, of course, looked absolutely stunning in a Versace dress donned in all metallic style that had a slit going all the way up to her thigh. The party’s theme was gold, judging by the way everything had a golden appearance to it, and it reportedly started at a decent time of around 9 PM. The guests were welcomed and seated for dinner at their designated place on the table, with most of the men wearing white while the women adhered more strongly to the theme and embellished their look with gold.

Amazing Food

Our celebrities love food, and Lopez is obviously well aware of that fact, having worked in the industry for so many years. Hence, she decided to offer her guests multiple choices by having a buffet dinner, and for some added luxuriousness, a handsome bar full of select caviar was also available for anyone wanting to taste the finest seafood in the world.

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Lopez’s husband A-Rod was also present at the event.

However, before the guests could devour all this delicious food, Lopez’s fiancé Rodriguez decided to make a toast, thanking the owner of the property Estefan for allowing them to have this party, and also to celebrate the success his fiancée had achieved on her tour.

After dinner was over, now it was time for some dancing, and this was followed by some mandatory fireworks. Lopez had the same DJ from her 40th bash, DJ Cassidy, play the music this time as well, which was only stopped when it was time for Lopez to cut her amazing birthday cake.

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