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Make 2020 Your Year–Start By Adding These Healthy Habits to Your Resolution List

Another has just begun and people all over the world are scrambling once again to set their New Year’s resolutions in motion from starting to eat healthier to lose the extra pounds. Unfortunately, many of them won’t be able to continue pursuing these goals throughout the year.

Thus, it might be better to start with simpler changes that one can actually keep doing. Here are some easy but impactful health-improving resolutions people should add to their list.

Thinking Outside the Gym

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Try attending some dance classes to keep workouts fun yet still challenging

The first few weeks of the year always seem to see a spike in gym visitors bent on starting their weight loss or fitness journeys. However, not all people will enjoy the environment of exercising in a gym.

So, instead of wasting money buying a membership to one, some may benefit more from finding physical activities they can actually enjoy doing outside or in a more relaxed environment. From rollerblading to dog-walking groups, all these would work great as long as a person starts moving and gets their heart rate up.

Wear Good Exercise Clothes

Everyone wants to look good and feel good. And this doesn’t just apply to wearing clothes one likes during work days or nights out. Thus, investing in a workout wardrobe can be beneficial in motivating a person to go out and exercise.

This phenomenon of clothes being able to influence an individual’s thinking is called ‘enclothed cognition’. The concept was coined by researchers in a 2012 paper published in the ‘Journal of Experimental Social Psychology‘.

The Power of a Workout Playlist

Curate a playlist of music that can pump you up and get you through hard days at the gym

Another great workout motivator is good music. Aside from elevating mood and lowering stress, music has the power to put a person in the proper mindset to get moving.

Listening to one’s favorite upbeat songs can also help distract them from the actual physical exertion they’re putting in during workouts. Streaming platforms like Spotify have their own curated playlists for people who like to listen to music while exercising.

Taking Actual Lunch Breaks

Office workers tend to develop a bad habit of eating their lunch at their desk be it to save time or pure laziness. People are recommended to break this practice and start taking actual lunch breaks again. Being able to take a rest from working can help a person recharge for a bit, lower stress levels, and better their mental well-being.

In the end, stopping for even just a half-hour and getting away from their cubicle can actually make workers more productive.

A Closet Cleanout

Consider donating clothes that have gotten too small to make closet space for new pieces that will make you look and feel good

It’s time to get rid of all those old clothes that just don’t fit anymore. Sure, one can always make the case that they might be able to fit in them again after losing weight. However, having these around in one’s closet might only put unnecessary pressure on themselves.

What more, having old clothes out of the way can make more space for the pieces one actually likes to wear.

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