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Here Are a Few Naturally Abundant Places That You Can Plan to Visit to Promote Eco-friendly Tourism

Over the past few years, the popularity of eco-friendly travel has been on the rise. By promoting such tourism, different countries are trying to protect and preserve their natural habitats. Popular surveys indicate that an increasing number of people are eager to enjoy the world sustainably, and they see eco-friendly travel as an optimum solution. Not only do such trips connect you to nature, but they also give you a chance to enjoy locally sourced or plant-based foods, which are great for the body.


Pebble Magazine | Traveling sustainably is trending these days

So, if you’re planning to get away from quarantine boredom, why not head for a “naturally inclined” destination? And to help you pick such a place, we’ve compiled this list of the most beautiful eco-friendly travel destinations worldwide. Have a look:

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Iceland is known as one of the most visited eco-friendly countries. Its government has utilized natural geothermal resources for electricity production and tackles ocean pollution by enforcing sustainable fishing practices to preserve its water bodies. If you visit Iceland, you can enjoy natural hot springs, glacier hiking, Northern lights, etc. And don’t forget to visit the renowned Blue Lagoon.

Kasiiya Papagayo

Don’t be put off by that unusual name. This destination exists in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Amidst untouched nature, which collides with the sea, the residence suites are powered by solar energy. Here you can enjoy spring water, sea waves, mountain hikes, fresh and undiluted air, and surfing and the songs of the birds in the region. This is a place that will connect you to nature and make you feel relaxed.


Kasiiya | With people becoming more environmentally aware, they want to pick destinations that promote eco-travel, like Kasiiya


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, aims to become the world’s first carbon-free city by 2025. If you visit this city, you can enjoy your stay at Villa Copenhagen, which has a modern Nordic and Neo-baroque design. It boasts of many sustainable efforts like converting food waste into green energy, usage of renewable energy, utilization of furniture made from recycled ocean waste, and many others.

South Africa

In South Africa, we recommend DuVine Cycling & Adventure Co for enjoying an eco-friendly stay. As the name implies, you will cruise around like a local on a bike with this tour company and enjoy organic foods in family-owned restaurants. You can also get to stay in small inns and enjoy the scenes of independent artisans just like in Portugal.

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AWOL Junkee | Copenhagen, South Africa, and Iceland are among other eco-tourism hotspots

The bottom line

Countries like Iceland, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Tanzania, and so many others are making conscious efforts towards facilitating sustainable tourism. But while doing so, they haven’t forgotten the basic need to make trips exciting and fun. So if you have an international trip in mind, these locations are sure to energize you and make you feel good.

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