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A Presidential Estate: John F. Kennedy’s Former Winter White House Sells Once Again

The previous Kennedy family domain located at Palm Beach in Florida, US, has officially been sold for $70 million by an organization owned by billionaire and assets manager Jane Goldman. The businesswoman has also widely remodeled the property.

The estate faces the beach at 1095 N Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach. It is referred to by millions as President John F Kennedy’s “winter White House.” Over the last couple of years, another winter White House has been procured- the Mar-a-Lago estate owned by President Donald Trump, in the opposite part of town.

Getty Images | The estate was sold off for a whopping $70 million

The Kennedy property was sold by Ms. Goldman, the head of Solil Management- a family organization that oversees assets identified with the fortune amassed by her late dad, New York City land speculator Sol Goldman. Forbes gauges her fortune at US$3.1 billion.

In May 2015, TGS Florida LLC purchased the property for $31 million, town hall records reveal. Goldman’s organization purchased the property from shipper financier John K Castle and his better half, Marianne. The Castles, thus, had purchased the domain from the Kennedy family in 1995 for a recorded $4.9 million.

The Palm Beach estate was structured in 1923 for Rodman Wanamaker, of the Philadelphia retail establishment family, by noted society draftsman Addison Mizner.

With its improved Mediterranean-style design, the house was initially named “La Querida”, approximately deciphered as “the darling”, albeit numerous sources have incorrectly recorded the name as “La Guerida”.

Kennedy Sr purchased the adjoining land to enlargen his property. He employed modeler Maurice Fatio to extend the house and include a two-story building, tennis court, and pool structure.

Getty Images | Numerous remodelings have been done to the house since the 1920s

Kennedy Sr made the house his legitimate home in 1941 and regularly traveled alone there, habitually to swim in his pool, as indicated by his biographers. Prior to his political race to the administration, John Kennedy is said to have composed his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, “Profiles in Courage”, at the house while recovering from a serious medical procedure in 1956.

Subsequent to birthing her child in 1960, Jacqueline Kennedy recovered at the house. In November 1963, the president went through the end of the week in Palm Beach, preceding making a beeline for Texas, where he was ultimately assassinated.

Getty Images | This is what the estate looked like before its last remodeling job

Rose Kennedy kept on utilizing the house after the passing of her significant other, a previous US envoy to England, in 1969. She passed away in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, where the family had another notable property. That same year, the Castles purchased the Palm Beach house.

Over the course of time, the property has been subjected to significant renovations. Priority, however, has been given to ensuring that the original architecture of the estate is maintained.

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