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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Journey & More in a New Book named ‘Finding Freedom’

With each step they take, they gain more fans, and people become more attracted to them. Today, the whole world is increasingly curious about them and their lives, and it is only natural given their unconventional story.

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, the controversial duo that occupies the first positions in various news sites around the world, have become the most famous couple globally. It appears that we are on a date with some new details about them soon.

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meredithcorp | The life journey of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been documented in a new book titled “Finding Freedom”

New book about the couple’s life journey about to be released

A new book titled “Finding Freedom” is being published on the 11th of August in the United States, and of course, it will spread to the world after that. The announcement about the book’s reveal and publishing data was made by the U.K. newspaper The Times on Saturday. The book aims to shed light on Harry and Meghan’s story towards freedom from restrictions and responsibilities they had to deal with as members of the royal family.

The book describes how the couple did not want to compel themselves to tasks they did not choose, but which were imposed on them in one way or another. It also mentions several moments and relationships in the royal house between Harry and his brother Prince William, or even between their wives Meghan and Kate.

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eonline | Releasing on August 11, the book is based on interviews with the couple’s close friends

The information in the book is not directly taken via interviews with Harry and Meghan in person, but rather through several interviews with their friends. Since the volume is an up-close account of their lives, it is expected that the couple’s friends, who were consulted, have been truthful while narrating the full story of the royal couple from the beginning of their acquaintance to the blooming of their love story to their eventual abandonment of the royal duties.

The book also depends on the author’s experience, who worked as a reporter and article writer specializing in royal affairs for several years. During this period, he got to know about some inside happenings that many don’t know about. This ensures that the author can differentiate between truth and lies about most of the news concerning the British Royal Palace. For this reason, everyone believes that the book will show credibility and honesty.

This is not the first time that friends of the royal duo have given details about them. Five of Meghan’s friends have spoken in the past year about her being exposed to “global bullying” because of her royal role. The couple’s friends have often been caught in the rows of defending them when criticized from time to time.


hearstapps | Everything from the couple’s first meeting to their exit from the British royal duties have been described in the book

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