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Princess Grace of Monaco’s Grandson Louis Ducruet, Gets Married. Here’s How Both of Them Had a Deep Connection with America

Although the British royal family has gotten us used to experience the thrilling atmosphere surrounding royal weddings, we still can’t help but pay attention whenever a royal ties the knot, probably because the entire event seems right out of a fairytale. This time, it is Louis Ducruet who has gotten married, the grandson of Princess Grace who was a Hollywood actress before she had gotten married to the Prince of Monaco.

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Louis Ducruet seems to have found the love of his life.

While it may seem like the American ties to the royal family of Monaco were limited to Princess Grace, there is a deeper connection now in the form of Ducruet. The young royal chose Western Carolina University in the North Carolina region for higher education, and now reports have revealed that his wife, Marie Chevallier, has done the same.

 A Royal Celebration

Monaco seems to be celebrating royal weddings all the time these days. The country had recently witnessed the marriage of Charlotte Casiraghi, Ducruet’s cousin, back in June. She had gotten married to Dimitri Rassam in a much-discussed dual ceremony. Now, a private ceremony has been held for the 26-year-young Louis at the Prince’s Palace, with a grander service based upon religious values and traditions the following day, after which a private reception was held.

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Charlotte Casiraghi got married in June of this year.

If you have been following royals in any part of the world, then you must already be aware that not all the royals receive official titles from the family, especially if they are further down the line of succession to the throne. That is why Ducruet does not have a formal title, as he is at number 15 of successors to the Monaco throne. However, when it comes to weddings, all members of the royal family do receive a great amount of attention from the public as well as access to royal locations.

Choosing Historic Locations

Having a deeper connection to America is not the only commonality between Ducruet and his American grandmother. He, along with his then-fiancée, selected the St. Nicholas Cathedral as the location for their official religious wedding ceremony. According to reports, this was the same location chosen for the wedding ceremony of his grandmother Grace Kelly to the Prince of Monaco, Rainier II, back in 1956, and since then no royal family members have wedded there.

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Grace Kelly made headlines when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco, leaving her budding career in Hollywood.

Also, the fact that both Princess Grace and her husband Prince Rainier had their funeral ceremonies in the same cathedral, the first being held in 1982 and the second one in 2005, makes it all the more special for Ducruet, who obviously didn’t have to think twice before finalizing this cathedral as the venue for his wedding.

According to Ducruet, he has great admiration for his grandfather in his heart and finds himself strongly connected to his royal roots. That is why he wanted his grandfather to be in close proximity to him as he tied the knot, symbolizing his inclusion during one of the happiest events of his life. Ducruet had announced his engagement to Marie back in February of this year, after having met the latter at a nightclub back in 2011.

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