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10 Child Prodigies That Shocked The World!

“Knowledge is power. ” – Francis Bacon

The prodigies demonstrated by these children amazed the adult world. They showed extraordinary passion and exhibited unusual talents. These are some of the children who bypassed steps and went quickly into mastering their craft.



This Austrian composer and pianist was mentored by his father as a child prodigy. He started publishing his own pieces at a very young age.   Beethoven even traveled to Vienna, hoping to play with Mozart.


At twelve years of age, he could already draw impressive figures. He developed his skills with the guidance of his father. His father admitted Pablo’s skill dominance over him. He enjoyed working and having his own set of principles.


By the time children of his age learned how to read, Kim was dropping in on physics. Kim was such a genius that even the World Guinness Book of World Records recognized his IQ as the highest in the world. He also liked painting. He worked for NASA when he was 8 years old until he was 16. Today, he works on business planning.


He was born from Jewish-Ukrainian parents and grew up in New York. By the age of eight, he could speak eight languages, one of which he invented himself. In the year 1909, he became the youngest student to enrolled at Harvard University at the age of eleven. He showed great knowledge in Applied Mathematics. William wrote four books as a kid and several others were thought to be his under assumed names when he was older. He preferred a life away from the public. 


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He is that prodigy admired by all other child prodigies. Around the age of 4-5, he composed his first three pieces within a week’s interval. Aside from his lessons, he already had his own idea and understanding about music. At the age of eight, he made a symphony and began traveling Europe to perform with fellow musicians.





The doctors were shocked when they were informed by a 6-month old Michael that he has an ear infection during his visit to his pediatrician. He graduated at the age of 10 at the University of South Alabama. His sister was also a child prodigy. While others were busy worrying about their acne, Michael was already making his master thesis.


Abraham received three degrees from college. The 11-year old Tanishq said in a statement that he wanted to finish his Ph.D. by the time he gets his driver’s license. He was home-schooled because he was bored with the things taught in school.


He performed his first surgery at seven years old and lead speeches about research on cancer five years later. He was used to being in the spotlight and was aware of his supremacy in scientific knowledge and anatomy.


He was a miniature master of golf even before reaching the age of five. By seven years of age, Woods was the most famous known golfer at Orange County, California. Everyone expected him to dominate the world of golf like he has done since he was a toddler, and he exactly that.


This German child learned the theory of music from his family and other musicians. He further developed his passion for music after earning a scholarship at the age of 14. Sebastian was introduced to the European society, making him the most famous composer of all time. He had to figure out how to play piano by himself.

There are still plenty of children who would definitely make us wonder when they started learning or when will they stop working. The world awaits those who can bring change, and is eager to know the future that these prodigies can share.  


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