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Do You Have a Serial Killer For Neighbor?

Over the past couple of years, serial killers have received plenty of attention, making it to the limelight. There are books about them. Moreover, the television is giving them all the publicity they need. Some people view them as monsters while others see as heroes. However, every one of them has been involved in ghastly acts simply because none of us have the ability to identify them just by looks. These people could be living right next to you without you having an inkling about them. Some of the following killers may well be your neighbors. Would you consider the situation as dangerous if their location was in America? 

“A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer’s hand.”Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The Gay Serial Killings Of South Africa 

Nine gay men were murdered in South Africa in the year gone past. The killer used the Internet to meet the men online and gain their trust before inviting them to his home and murdering them. The police have been accused of incompetence. However, they recently confirmed that the killings are part of a serial killer investigation. The police believe a gang of copycat killers are on the lookout for men in Cape Town and Johannesburg. So far, the police have apprehended three suspects. The arrests have, however, not brought an end to the killings.

The Jennings Killings 


Local residents firmly believe that the police from the town are involved in the murders. Theories of conspiracies and cover-ups are also making rounds. quite frequently. On their part, the police have still not admitted to have a serial killer. The mudered women were from different races and the methods used by the killer were also distinct. They have, however, concluded that the similarities of these killings resemble an epidemic which can  no longer be ignored.

The Long Island serial Killer 

Over the past 15 years, a Long Island serial killer has used several remote beach towns as dumping grounds. This killer has beenimproving his methods as he continues to gain confidence. Initially, the killer dismembered the victims before scattering their body parts in various locations. Of late, the killer has been leaving his victims intact and just dumping their bodies close to the roadways.

The FBI believes the killer may have contacts within the law enforcement agenciesReason? He regularly displays knowledge about police procedures and is also familiar with the South Shore of Long Island. Until this moment, the Long Island killer has 10 to 14 victims to his credit.

Edgecombe County Serial Killer 

Casimiro PT/Shutterstock

Local residents believe the police did not act upon the case possibly because of the hostile relationship between the African-Americans and the area police.  They also hold the belief that lives could have been saved had the police acted faster. 

Whether the law-enforcement agencies acted appropriately or not is a matter of the court to determine.  The information available to the police clearly indicates that the killers are presently free and could be living anywhere. Americans should be concerned because these killers are dangerous and seek to commit crimes for reasons best known to themselves. It pays to remain on guard in such conditions. Therefore, people must attempt to understand their neighbors well. 



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