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The Surprising Lifestyle of Steven Spielberg, Hollywood’s Richest Filmmaker Worth $3.7 Billion

There are only a handful of filmmakers in Hollywood who are recognized around the world for delivering brilliance on the big screen, and Steven Spielberg is certainly one of them.

He has been working in the industry for over 50 years now, having produced and/or directed around 100 films. Cumulatively, these films have raked in approximately a massive $25 billion.

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Spielberg is one of the most cherished filmmakers in Hollywood at this time

Many Sources of Income

Although Forbes places his net worth somewhere around $3.7 billion, Bloomberg has a much higher estimate at $6.08 billion.

While a lot of Spielberg’s riches have come from his successful films, the filmmaker is also earning significantly through his investment in DreamWorks Studios, which is a production house for films co-founded by him and where he is now a principal partner.

Another lucrative income stream for Spielberg has been Universal theme parks, where he is lending his services as a consultant. Forbes reported back in 206 that Spielberg had sold DreamWorks Animation for a staggering $3.8 billion to NBCUniversal.

Filmmaking As A Passion

While many in Hollywood stumbled upon an opportunity to work in the entertainment industry and then stuck to it due to fame or fortune, or both, Spielberg always had a predisposition to become a filmmaker.

When he was only a teenager, Spielberg had already started making films, albeit on eight-millimeter reels instead of the complex cameras we have in existence today.

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He started making films at a very young age

Their household must’ve been a fun place because, according to reports, the filmmaker would often involve his little sisters to work with him in the creation of horror movies. It was in 1964 that Spielberg finally got his big break, that too with the release of Firelight, the first motion picture made by him.

Getting An Education

According to reports, Spielberg wanted to enter the School of Cinema Arts at the University of Southern California, however, he was rejected twice from there.

He eventually settled for the California State University located in the Long Beach region. However, he eventually dropped out of there as he had secured a position at the filmmaking giant Universal Studios.

But, don’t worry, as Spielberg eventually returned to school in 2002 to complete his formal education, even though he no longer needed it. He eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree, majoring in Film Production as well as Electronic Arts.

This was years after the release of Jaws back in 1975, which was the first of its kind and also the first film to become a summer blockbuster, raking in a whopping $60 million just in the first month of its release.

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One of Spielberg’s earliest films, Jaws, made a huge splash in the industry and became a huge success

Super Successful

The rest of Spielberg’s career is self-explanatory. The filmmaker is behind amazingly successful films such as E.T., Jurassic Park, and also Schindler’s List, the last of which is still considered one of the best movies of all time by IMDb.

He also went on to win an Oscar for best direction, thanks to his phenomenal work on the film Saving Private Ryan. Now, the world has gotten used to waiting for the next Spielberg film, as everyone expects it to be amazing.

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