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Stop Chasing Happiness — It’s Right In Front of You

Happiness is untouchable

Happiness is intangible but what can we call situations that do not offer excitement or remarkable experiences?

What then are the sources or causes of true happiness? Ephemeral things do not provide happiness. Research revealed that people hardly derive happiness that lasts long from purchasing material things. On the contrary, the opposite results, which are negative outcomes, emanate from such indulgences, like debt, slothfulness, stress, and disorderliness. It’s better to discard that from the list of possible causes and concentrate on other options.

Have you ever wondered if you are truly happy? if yes, what makes you happy? Your job, health, wealth, family, or daily life?

Material things don’t always give happiness.

Moving on, experiences are next on the list. These have turned out to be sort-after alternatives for tangible material possessions. Youths especially are neglecting every sign of cultural homelike valuables such as a car, a house, cooking utensils, works of arts, sports tools, books, and furniture. Instead, expensive holiday getaways, flamboyant adventures, and thrilling trips have taken over their minds and budgets. They justify themselves with the notion that they would derive stronger memories from such endeavors which would outlive those traditional goods that money could buy.

However, that may not lead to the real answer to this puzzle. Perhaps, getting happiness is even nearer and easier to people than they could imagine.

In reality, happiness comes from those things people overlook most, like the daily uninteresting activities they partake in, a fulfilling job, perfect physical wellness, a vision of the future filled with hopes of peaceful mind, exciting everyday routine, or reliable group of friends. In other words, happiness does not come always from adventures or beautiful items.

Traditional lifestyle can be more valuable than spending money on vacations.

Focusing on ordinary everyday activities can go a long way to bring happiness. You can have peace of mind without the compulsion to take a fun trip or expensive shopping sprees.

A wise quote from Seth Godin sheds more light on this subject.

“Rather than always planning for your coming holiday trip in a luxurious location, try to create a kind of life that offers you all you ever needed”.

Don’t be confused on how to go about it. The secret to deriving happiness from normal daily living is not a hard nut to crack. Mr. 1500 who is a financial writer listed things to do.

Get a profession that suits your dreams of fulfillment

Yes, you may not make enough money from this particular job if you’d taken another employment opening, but this cheaper employment may afford you sufficient time with those you love so much, like your children when they are back from school, adequate time for you to utilize your mental creativity, or enough time for cooking good meals for your loved ones.

Take care of that body you got because you don’t have its duplicate elsewhere. Devote yourself and time to exercising, outdoor time, to eat good and sufficient food, and to have enough sleeping hours.

Look after your apartment

Set aside a corner in your home which has the aura of accommodation and is recuperative. Ensure to make it clean and orderly, else the result may be unpleasant to your mental wellbeing. Purchase smaller units of furniture but with good quality. This will ease your stress and render it more fun-filled.

Guard the mind you have

Push away your phone in order to prevent it from disrupting your mind and line of thoughts. Stay away from social media if its excessive usage is taking a toll on your health both physically and mentally.

Deposit debt payments

Deposit payment for your debt. Ensure to set your budgets and finances in a good arrangement in order to avoid going through stress or relationship problems with your companion.

Keep good people as your friends

Ensure they are the type who encourage you to be you and not someone else.  You may want to ask yourself if such people could be in your presence repeatedly or if you are safe in their hands. If no, you have to think again and adjust them.

Protect the time you have

A minimalist professional, Joshua Becker, strongly advised people to identify those things which are truly valuable to every minute of their one critical and short lives. He added that individuals who claim to cherish the life they live are yet to take this crucial step because they keep accepting all invitation.

Becker said these people have continued to protect their lives carelessly in replacement for those most important things and through the habits of turning down the invitation to others.

Caring for your body is the best way to live happily.

Bottom-line: Find happiness in your daily life and not in that pocket-draining vacation.

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