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The Most Unusual Homes

Setting up a home is one of the most important things in life. Nowadays, it seems that some architects are influenced by fairy tales as they are making all sorts of unbelievable buildings. Here you can see nine the most unusual ones we came across while researching on the Internet.

 Transparent House, Japan

everyday polkadot/Shutterstock

This house, mostly known as House NA, was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects and inspired by people who used to live on trees in the ancient history. It is three-story high and full of daylight, but with zero privacy.

“The white steel-frame structure itself shares no resemblance to a tree. Yet the life lived and the moments experienced in this space is a contemporary adaptation of the richness once experienced by the ancient predecessors from the time when they inhabited trees – said Sou Fujimoto, the architect.

World’s Slimmest House, Poland

Jakub Szczęsny designed this house. It is extremely narrow with just 122 centimeters across at its widest point and no more than 72 centimeters wide at its narrowest point. Placed in a crevice between two existent buildings in the center of Warsaw it often attracts tourists from around the world and is a temporary home for traveling writers.

Dick Clark’s Flintstones-Inspired Home, USA

Yurii Onyshchenko/Shutterstock

The house is only one story high. It is placed in Malibu and was inspired by the Flintstones’ family dwelling place. Television star Dick Clark gave it a price of $3.5 million. It has two bathrooms, one bedroom, a fireplace, and several glass windows. There is a fantastic view from this house towards Serrano Valley, the Pacific Ocean, the Boney Mountains, and the Channel Islands and.

 Old Water Tower Turned Into Modern Home, Belgium

This house was made out of a 100-feet high water tower. It is placed in the Belgian village of Steenokkerzeel and designed by Bham Design Studio. It used to be a Nazi hideout during the World War II and was initially built between 1938 and 1941. Many of the original elements were kept to preserve the strong identity of the building.

Skateboard House, USA

Pierre Andre Senizergues design the Skateboard House. Its residents can skate on all the surfaces, both inside and outside of the house. It is placed in Malibu. A man who gave the idea for this type of house was Pierre Andre Senizergues (PAS), a former World champion, a Pro Skater,  and the founder of Etnies.

There are three separate spaces in this house:

  1. The first part includes the living room, dining area, and kitchen,
  2. The second part includes a bedroom and bathroom
  3. Third part is a skateboard practice area.

World’s Smallest One-Sqm-House, Germany

This is a work of the architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel from Berlin. After being a refugee and living in social housing, Le-Mentzel decided to build a place only for himself: “It’s the only square meter in the world where I can decide what direction the window looks in, what direction the door opens in, what neighbors I have,” he said. He has created this One-Sqm-House which is probably the smallest house in the world. It is a one-square-meter wooden structure that can have many usages. It can be used as a dwelling place, a mobile kiosk or even an additional room inside your apartment. The house contains the flipping mechanism, so it can be used both vertically and horizontally. It has only four parts: a wooden frame, slide window, wheels, and a lockable door. It weighs only 40 kilos.

 Giant Seashell House, Mexico

A family with two kids from Mexico City asked a design studio called Arquitectura Organica to build them a house resembling a seashell. This house was inspired by the work of Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Slide House, Japan

In the Slide House, there are three stories. Instead of the regular staircase on one side of the house, there is a slide. Therefore, its residents do not walk down the staircase but slide down. Children are delighted!

Church Converted Into Modern Family Home, Netherlands

Zecc Architecten repurposed and converted two abandoned churches in Utrecht, Netherlands.  They are now two modern family residences. Some people think that it is inappropriate to use God’s house in this way. However, according to designboom magazine, “hundreds of empty churches are scattered throughout the Netherlands and since 1970 more than 1000 churches have been closed by communities with over 1/3 of those structures being demolished. Re-use is the only way to prevent long-lasting vacancy or destruction of the historical layer within the city.”

What do you think about these unusual houses?

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