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Tips on How to Become a Famous Blogger

You have done it! You made your blog and now you feel like it is good enough to start getting some traffic. Still, for some reason, it simply is not as successful as you want it to be.

Here is what you can do to become a well-known blogger.

 Make it personal


We are not saying that you should make the blog to be only about yourself. However, if you want to become famous, you need a catchy name. That name must have a direct connection to those who want to “Google” you. If your name is not interesting enough, then make one up. Make it catchy and be prepared to be called that name from now on. Do you believe PewDiePie would be as successful if his channel was named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg? Neither do we.

 Be a problem solver

No matter what you are blogging about, always have entries that are connected to solving problems for your readers. That is one of the most common reasons people even google new things – they had a problem. It is a great way to introduce yourself to new audiences. If you are good at it, it will lead to good word of mouth and before you know it, your blog will be huge.

Simply make some guides on things that come easy to you and it will have an amazing effect.

“Only on the Internet can a person be lonely and popular at the same time.”  ― Allison Burnett 

 Team up with other bloggers

As with any other business field, getting to know other people that do the same thing is extremely beneficial. Once you acquaint yourself with other bloggers, you will have a valuable source of knowledge and experience. Talk to them, find out what they did well and try to learn from what they did not. Use their experience to build your knowledge and skip some of the steps that possibly cost them their readers.

 Cross Promotions

Now that you have a lot of blogger friends, it is time to put them to the best use possible. Promotions! Make collaborative blog posts. You will mention each other in your work. Use them to praise you so you don’t sound like a braggart. Remember, you will be more visible on the Internet simply by using their names in your work. Simply mentioning that you have worked with them will make their audiences feel like they know you and you will be noticed in Internet searches for them. And getting promoted by someone is a lot more important. Fans of bloggers will feel a personal connection with you. Being recommended by someone with a good following could mean a lot to you and your blog.

 Advertise your blog

While making blogger friends is a lot cheaper, paying for being noticed online is actually a rather good idea. In 2013, there were already more than 152 MILLION blogs on the Internet. Your blog could be invisible simply due to the fact that it is a face in the crowd. We are not saying you should pay top dollar, but spending some cash to place a pointing arrow in your direction will go a long way provided that your blog is actually good.

 Connect with your readers

Reply to their emails. Be visible in the comments below your blog. Make them feel like they mean a lot to you and your followers will reward it. Getting noticed by a blogger always feels nice and is basically good customer service that will make them remember you.

 Pick a niche

As multitalented as you are, you should try and blog only about a very limited number of topics. If you are running a fashion blog then try to avoid talking about politics or cars. Your audience will not care about it. Those who wanted to read about cars and politics will most probably skip the blog that is mostly about fashion.

 Get those social media buttons


Use the social media websites to promote your work simply by adding an option to share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and any other social media website you can think of.
Keep in mind that most audiences are lazy and will not manually share your work, but if they only need to click on a single button, they will be inclined to do it for any post they might like.

 Search Engine Optimization

Always have in mind the keywords for every post and try to incorporate them in the title and the body of every post you make. You need to be easily visible via the simplest google search. And when you do identify the keywords for your post, try to put them as early as possible in your title which will push your blog higher on the google search.

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