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Traditions Aren’t Just For The Holidays–Here’s How You Can Create Your Own Set & Benefit From It

Every family has its own set of traditions they practice come the holiday seasons. May it be watching a specific Christmas movie together or taking out the special plate set for dinner, traditions can help mark the special moments in people’s lives.

However, one may miss out on these family traditions as they grow older and start to live on their own. This doesn’t mean that people can’t create new ones. In fact, they can actually benefit from coming up with traditions of their own.

Marking Special Moments

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Have a best friend? Consider marking a date to meet and do an activity that’s meaningful to your relationship as friends

Traditions, since they are attached to important activities or occasions, can serve as markers to special moments that one may find significant.

Although Christmas and Easter are popular celebrations around the world, Catholics actually put significance on many other days of the year like a saint’s feast day. For non-religious people or those of other faiths, they can fill their calendar with commemorations of milestones or anniversaries.

This could be something as simple as meeting a friend for dinner on the date of one’s friendship anniversary or hosting a birthday bash for one’s birthday. The great thing about these activities is that they can also serve as an opportunity to catch up with close friends a person hasn’t seen in a long time. That said, an individual can also create traditions that they can do on their own like seeing a play one enjoys over and over again.

Reflecting Personality

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Don’t be afraid to get creative when planning celebrations

One good way to come up with new traditions is making sure that they somewhat reflect a person’s personality or the interests they feel passionate about. For example, an individual who considers themselves a bookworm can host a literature themed birthday party. In this scenario, their friends who share the same interests can enjoy themselves while sharing the celebrant’s passion for reading to their other friends who may not be big book fans.

Those with a tight-knit social circle could also consider getting together in gatherings that are hosted in turns by each member of the group. This can be a great chance to know more about each other and maybe even adopt some of each other’s interests and habits.

Letting Others Fade

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Make space so you can create new memories and new connections

And just as people are encouraged to start their own traditions, they are also advised to be open to letting go of other ones. There can be times when traditions can feel like imperatives that one does out of a sense of obligation instead of simply doing them because they enjoy it.

Allow things to grow, change and even fade over time. For example, one can end up celebrating one-time traditions, which are celebrations that are never repeated contrary to what a person expected at first.

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