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Vacation Ideas in The Time of COVID-19

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc globally, we know that a vacation is the last thing on your mind. Or, it might be the ONLY thing on your mind. It’s kind of a tough call, we know. It doesn’t matter whether the pandemic has stepped over your pending travel plans or not but, being locked in quarantine has gotten the best of craving for a good old’ vacation.

You’d be happy to hear that restrictions have started lifting. So, guess what? If you’ve been itching to suggest that vacation for a while now, the time to do so has arrived. Granted that the pandemic has left us all a bit cautious about traveling, we do need to throw ourselves back into the world to relax our heightened anxieties.

Unsplash | Dreaming about vacation has become the favorite hobby of many people

Recent statistics by the United States Travel Association suggests that people have started traveling in the past week. Even though the travel industry is still down by 80% as compared to last year, it seems as though everyone has started looking for an escape from cabin fever.

However, if you still feel uncomfortable getting on crowded trains, buses, or even planes, we’ve got you covered. Who said that an explorer can’t be cautious?

Here are some of the vacation ideas that you can opt for during these cautious times.


Your preference depends on whether you’re more of a land or sea kind of person. Either way, renting out an RV or a yacht can help you have a whole new adventure, all while maintaining social distancing protocols. If your quarantined friends have also been looking for an escapade from their isolation, they will bless you for coming up with this idea.

Unsplash | Yachts are a great way to practice social distancing while also having a good time


All over the world, people have started realizing that their luxury trips to exotic locations might have to be put on hold. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t fully take advantage of beautiful summer weather.

Instead of flying to a beach locality, why don’t you drive to one that is closer to you? After all, something is better than nothing. Not only will this idea help save your money at this time, but also grant you a long overdue vacation with your friends or family!

Unsplash | Your car is just as good as an RV for a road trip to the beach

3. Go Camping

We realize that this isn’t the ideal vacation idea for most people. But, at times like these, you have to take what you can get. Besides, who said camping cannot be fun? In this gorgeous warm summer weather, there won’t be a better time to go camping. So, we suggest that you pack up your tent and plan a trip to your nearest lake, woods, or if you don’t like the idea of “roughing it up” too much, your backyard is a pretty good option, too.

Unsplash | Being one with mother nature might be exactly what you need right now

Even though the pandemic has taken quite a toll on all our lives, that doesn’t mean we should stop looking for adventures. Crowded traveling might have its dangers, but we can always get a little bit creative with our ideas. Be it for the sake of mental peace or a break from the monotony of everyday life, looking for an adequate vacation might be exactly what you, your friends, or your family needs.

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