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Watch Out, Travelers! Doing These Things Might Completely Derail The Budget Plan For Your Dream Holiday Vacation

One of the first things people determine when planning for their next vacation is the budget. Setting one really helps travelers get an estimate of just how much money they’ll need to save and set aside to afford their well-deserved holiday. However, overlooking the following simple things can easily blow up one’s carefully planned budget.

Wrong Timing
For last-minute travelers, booking Thanksgiving flights during the first week of November is the best course to take

Experienced travelers know the importance of timing when it comes to booking plane tickets. While most people know that booking early can save them money, they sometimes fail to consider that booking tickets too early can actually end up costing more.

According to data from Adobe Analytics, the best time to buy tickets for Christmastime travel is during the first week of December as prices tend to decrease by up to 13% around this time. Meanwhile, prices reportedly rise back up by 8% a week before the holiday.

Forgetting the Little Things

Once the hotel, airfare, and food costs have bee accounted for don’t forget to consider the various little extra expenses that may pop up during the trip. This might include things like extra snacks during the day, ATM fees, and other small expenses. Smarter Travel senior editor, Sarah Schlichter, suggests adding $25 to $50 per day to one’s travel budget to account for these.

Not Having Travel Insurance

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The holidays (both Thanksgiving and Christmas) usually see a rush in travelers, which could lead to more frequent flight delays and even overbooking

Travel insurance can cover unexpected events like a missed connection, trip cancellation, medical treatment, and lost luggage. However, most travelers don’t really consider buying a policy at all. Getting insurance is particularly recommended for those who are flying or taking a bigger vacation. Those vacationing in the winter would also find it beneficial especially when they end up really needing it when faced with emergencies.

Overlooking Hidden Charges

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the other charges that come with booking a trip. Although one might have scored a great deal on an ultra-discount airline flight, the deal may come with other fees that weren’t factored in its up-front price.

Remember to account for a carry-on bag, seat selection, and checked bag fees when budgeting for a plane ticket. In some cases, tickets on sale will end up costing the same as standard tickets with the fees added in.

Not Budgeting for Food & Entertainment

One way to decrease one’s food expenses is to book a stay at a hotel with free breakfast offers

Families traveling with children are recommended to look for accommodations that offer holiday activities or children’s programs to decrease entertainment expenses. Parents can also use various travel apps to search and book the most affordable activities around the area of their destination.

Not only will this save them money but it will also save them time, which they can use to enjoy themselves and bond as a family.

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