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Do You Wish to Stop Wasting Time? Use One of These

Today, everyone has a busy lifestyle, and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all of the responsibilities, appointments, and tasks. Everyone hates wasting time on the unimportant things, but sometimes we just get stuck on our social profiles and forget about time. Luckily, there are a lot of apps that can help you stay organized and stop wasting your precious time (because time is money).

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” -” 
― Michael Altshuler

Here is the list of some of the best apps that are made solely for making your life easier.

 Rescue Time


This time tracking app helps you to solve this wasting-time problem and organizes your free time more productively. You can get it for free if you use the lite version, and the premium version costs $9 a month. The app provides goal settings, summary emails, and productivity reports to help you get the most out of it. It will also give you detailed reports on what you spend your time on every day.


If you’re new to time tracking, this app is great for you. It uses the simplest features that still offer the support you need, and it’s also available on the whole variety of devices and web apps. You can get the free version of this app, which doesn’t have as many options as other more advanced apps, but the features it offers are executed in a way anyone can understand. You can, however, get the pro and team pro versions of it, whose prices start at $8 a month per user.


Offering support for various platforms and devices, time tracking even in the offline mode, one-click tracking and stylish and modern reports, Toggl is a tracking app that is used by more than a million people all over the world for a reason. It’s perfect for individuals that want to track their time anywhere while using simple but powerful features. You can get the basic tier for free, a pro version that offers more features for $9 a month, or business packages for $49 if you’re planning to use the app for work.

 Due Time Tracking

This completely free app allows you to track time automatically and organize your sessions. A new session starts as soon as you start the timer, and the app generates invoices according to the hourly rates you set. With this app, you can organize any information you need by adding names, addresses and anything else you need.


The price of this app can go up to $149 a month, but it could also be free depending on what you’re doing with it. It will be free if you only need it for one project at a time, but the more you use it, the higher the cost will be. It is a simple and straightforward app that isn’t hard to learn how to use, even though it can be on the pricey side. Nonetheless, it is a great way to organize your projects if you have a large number of them at a time.


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An app that takes a different approach to time tracking by combining scheduling and time tracking all in one. Timely can turn your schedule into your timer and make planning your day easier. As soon as your days are planned out, you can start to log your time simultaneously. If your schedule changes, you can easily move around your plans by dragging and dropping your plans and events the way you please. With a timer that’s always running, you can easily see how much time you’ve spent on a project versus the time you planned for it. It is free for up to 5 projects, costs $14 for single users, and for teams, it costs $49.

 Sighted Time Tracking and Invoicing

The price of this app depends on what you need from it. The basic services are free, premium costs $4 per month, and super premium will cost you $25 per month. This app offers a very simple and easy to use platform combined with online invoicing, which makes sending invoices much faster and easier than with other apps. Another thing Sighted offers is fast payment for people who are using the app for business. It’s easy to work with, and for people who are using Microsoft documents such as word and excel, this app will offer everything they need.

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