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‘Without Me’ Singer Halsey May Only Be 24 Years Old But Her Recent Real Estate Moves Will Impress You

Halsey has successfully taken the music world by storm since her humble beginnings as a singer posting videos on the blogging site Tumblr. Years after, it looks like her hard work has paid off big time allowing her to buy expensive properties. One of her recent moves is the listing of a $2.595 million Hollywood Hills home months after she bought another multi-million-dollar home.

Unique Structure

A look at the home’s spacious patio decorated with plenty of lights

Originally bought two years ago for $2.23 million, the uniquely-built home is now back on the market with a price tag that would earn the singer a few hundred thousand dollars on her initial payout. The 2,490 square feet house is located in the Beachwood Canyon area and features four bedrooms and three bedrooms inside. It’s mostly made of steel, glass, and unfinished wood giving the structure a modern look.

Thanks to these materials, the interiors of the home allow plenty of natural light to come in making its double-height front foyer all the more spacious-looking. Complementing the home’s unique structure are the eccentrically shaped windows that adorn its walls.

Meanwhile, some black-painted beams serve as a nice contrast to the general light vibe that the interiors have. Located near the living room is the dining room, which is then connected to a home wet bar. The section is decorated with a wall filled with old magazine spreads and covers. The same double-height elements also appear in the kitchen, where an L-shaped island can be found.

Nestled Among the Trees

The master suite features noteworthy sloped ceilings and a glass wall with a view of the shrubbery outside

A flight of stairs leads to the home’s master suite which reportedly features a design meant to give the illusion that the room is nestled among the trees. Keeping with this nature theme is the built-in wooden dresser and shelves, which lends the resident the perfect place to display valued items. The room has its own bathroom featuring the same sloped ceilings as well as a rain shower and a deep-soaking tub.

There’s also the custom walk-in closet, which will give the home’s future new residents ample space to store their shoes and clothes. The rest of the home’s three bedrooms has the same design-forward characteristics with one of them having two whole walls lined with wooden shelves.

Going outside, one will notice how the home has plenty of areas that can be dedicated to entertaining guests. Aside from the tiered patios, the backyard also has its own kitchen and lounge area. Not only that, but it also features a spa and an infinity-edge pool.

Recent Acquisition

The well-preserved home is described to be discreet and located away from view

This listing comes just months after Halsey purchased a midcentury home in Sherman Oaks for $2.4 million. Looking at the understated yet modern-looking abode, it seems that the 25-year-old has a knack for a particular type of architecture. Her new Richard Dorman-designed property also features similar wood, glass, and steel elements as her previous home.

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